New Marvel Report Signals Bad News For MCU Blu-ray Fans

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
WandaVision Falcon and Winter Soldier

One of the greatest losses with the advent of original streaming programs is the lack of physical media to accompany them.

For shows like Daredevil on Netflix, it was over a year after the first season debuted that it was released on Blu-ray, and that's if fans were lucky. Other shows weren't so lucky, like Iron First or multiple seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage that never made it to any physical media.

Even the third season of Daredevil, at the height of the show's popularity, never saw the light of day on Blu-ray—made especially unlikely by its subsequent cancellation.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was asked directly about whether the shows would see any physical media releases, but all Feige could say was, "I don't know."

Now, fans are worried the same will happen with the shows on Disney's streaming service. While not nearly as high an authority as Feige, a long-time and respected television reporter has heard his own doubts about such plans.


Editor-in-chief of TV Line, Matt Webb Mitovich, has an article series called "Inside Line" where he answers questions from readers. One fan asked whether shows like WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and future MCU Disney+ shows would be released on Blu-ray.

Mitovich responded that he is "hearing" that Disney does not have any plans to release any of Marvel Studios' shows on physical media:

"Ooh, interesting question, especially for those who love their physical media. Alas, I am hearing that at this time, there are no plans to do so. But never say never!"


It makes sense why streaming services like Netflix and Disney are hesitant to release their original streaming shows on physical media since it defeats their intended purpose.

The point of original streaming programs is to incentivize users to stay subscribed to have access to them, so releasing them as one-time purchases for seasons is potentially losing them subscribers.

Even The Mandalorian, by far one of the most popular shows on Disney's streaming service, still has no plans to release on Blu-ray. Fans won't have to worry about any licenses for the characters or shows lapsing like Netflix, but it seems like it will be quite a while until fans can have personal ownership of these shows without needing to watch them using a streaming service.

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