Peacemaker Season 1 Blu-ray Release Date Revealed

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Fans were disappointed to learn that Disney didn't have any plans to release any of its original streaming content on Blu-ray, at least according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Considering Warner Bros' initial push for HBO Max, some fans feared the worst and worried shows like Peacemaker wouldn't make it to Blu-ray either.

It makes sense why companies with streaming services would do this, since if audiences could just buy physical media of shows they want to watch, they wouldn't become a monthly subscriber to their streaming service. But, it appears that, unlike its direct competitor, Warner Bros. Discover doesn't seem to be afraid of losing potential subscribers by releasing its original content on Blu-ray.

One fan was fortunate enough to ask James Gunn directly about this concern, who gave a vague but affirmative answer.

Physical Media Isn't Dead Yet!

Peacemaker Blu Ray

Director James Gunn, habitually active on Twitter, was asked by a fan if the first season of Peacemaker would be released on Blu-ray. 

"Hey James Gunn, is Peacemaker going to be released on Blu-ray?" 

Gunn responded with a coy, "Hmmmm…," accompanied by a gif of Jennifer Holland's Agent Emilia Harcourt smiling at her phone.

Upon further inspection, Warner Bros. Discovery indeed has plans to release Peacemaker on Blu-ray and, according to Amazon in the United Kingdom, it will be available on September 5.

However, it's unknown when it will be available for purchase in other markets.

Will Disney+'s Superhero Shows Come Out on Blu-ray?

It's certainly a nice development to see that Warner Bros. Discovery still sees value in physical media despite Peacemaker being one of the biggest hits for HBO Max. So, even after the merger and the new company CEO being a lot more stingy when it comes to budgets, physical media seemingly won't stop just so that the studio can push its streaming service.

Hopefully, sales for Peacemaker on Blu-ray are good and perhaps the series viewership on HBO Max doesn't dip. It'd go a long way for Disney to see this and hopefully release Blu-rays for their own Disney+ content like Loki or Moon Knight. But, considering Disney's intense focus on its streaming service and having other revenue streams to fall back on, the company is unlikely to release any physical media for its streaming content in the near future.

DC fans should be happy to look forward to owning the upcoming slate of DC content, including the next season of Peacemaker in 2023.

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