Colossus Actor Has Simple Reaction To Deadpool 3's MCU News

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Colossus, Deadpool

It should be abundantly clear that Deadpool 3 remaining R-Rated should be absolutely no surprise to anyone who has kept up with the news for the past three years.

Shortly before Disney bought Fox, Bob Iger was adamant about keeping the Deadpool franchise R-Rated. What was a bit in question was whether Deadpool 3 would take place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which Kevin Feige has only recently confirmed in interviews.

With a new team of writers and filming expected to start in 2022 with a 2023 release date, the future of Deadpool is looking bright, especially with the X-Men on the horizon. Ryan Reynolds, of course, took to social media to react to the news and make reference to Spider-Man, a pairing many fans have been clamoring to see on screen. However, Reynolds wasn't the only cast member from the Deadpool franchise to react to the confirmation.


Stefan Kapicic, who plays Colossus in the Deadpool franchise, posted to Twitter reacting to the news of Kevin Feige confirming that Deadpool 3 would both be R-Rated and that it would be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only thing Kapicic actually tweeted in reaction to this news was a smiling face with sunglasses emoji.



When Disney buying Fox was still only in the process, Stefan Kapicic spoke in an interview about the potential future of the Deadpool franchise under Disney:

“We’ll see. You know those are the are the questions we cannot answer because we don’t know what is going to happen. But you know, Deadpool is such a successful franchise, so whoever takes over, I don’t think they’re going to change anything – and I don’t it that to be changed because you know Deadpool is Deadpool. It needs to stay R-Rated. You don’t want to destroy something that created so much money and first of all, you need to satisfy fans. So if they make that mistake, they’re going to (Colossus voice) need to fight dirty.”

It could be that Kapicic's cheeky emoji response to the news was due to this information reaffirming his assertion of Deadpool remaining an R-Rated franchise under Disney. After all, Deadpool being R-Rated is one factor in why the franchise has made so much money, and it wouldn't make sense for Disney to disrupt that. It could also mean that Stefan Kapicic will still be involved with Deadpool 3 and expressing his excitement at the news while keeping a cool head.

Kapicic's Colossus has been a fan favorite in the Deadpool franchise with his no-nonsense relationship with Wade Wilson, which fans could see continued in Deadpool 3 and a bigger budget. Maybe more X-Men too.

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