James Gunn's 'Suicide Squad': Visual Effects to be Done by International VFX Company

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
James Gunn and Harley Quinn with Suicide Squad logo

Scanline VFX is the same effects studio contributing their efforts to The Eternals . The company recently reported to be doing their work on the film remotely due to the coronavirus.

Scaeline VFX is largely known for their work with particle effects, such as fire, smoke, and water, but have expanded out to character and creature work. In fact, along with The Eternals , the studio is also working on Black Widow , The Batman , and now James Gunn's The Suicide Squad .


Scanline VFX has announced on their official Twitter account that their studio will be involved in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad .

Just because the studio is announcing their involvement now on Twitter, doesn't mean that they weren't already working on the project. It is unknown if the studio is only now beginning work on The Suicide Squad or if they have been working on it already and only now made the official announcement of their involvement.

In their tweet, they also mentioned that the release date for The Suicide Squad is still slated for August 2021.


As mentioned, Scanline VFX says themselves that they specialize in particle effects and have now branched out into character and creature work, but if one were to look at their "reels" page , they do even more than those. So, it's not certain if they'll be the ones to help bring characters like King Shark to life.

The studio has worked on a James Gunn movie before with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 , along with other DCEU projects like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , Aquaman , and funny enough, David Ayer's own Suicide Squad .

So, it can't really be determined what specifically Scanline VFX would be working on for this movie since they seem to specialize in a wide range of special effects, but the movie will certainly look good considering their past work.

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