The Eternals VFX Artists Now Working Remotely From Home

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Eternals VFX Production Continuing from Home

As the world continues to fight the spread of the Coronavirus, studios and their employees across the entire movie industry are continuing to work on solutions to the growing list of problems arising. Dozens of films in different stages of development are making tough calls, including delaying releases for already completed movies , halting production on movies and shows in progress , and finding new avenues for home releases. As it pertains to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, multiple movies and Disney+ shows have already delayed shooting, although optimistic news has broken today on details pertaining to another of Marvel's projects set to release in 2020.


The official Twitter page for Scanline VFX Studios, one of the visual effects studios working on Marvel Studios' The Eternals , has released a statement announcing that as of Monday March 24th, all 650 crew members are working successfully from home.


This is particularly good news concerning the MCU, which has faced a number of production delays due to the Coronavirus. As of now, shooting and production for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings , The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Loki have been halted, and all of the projects' cast and crew have gone into self-quarantine for the time being. The theatrical release date for Black Widow has been postponed from May 1 as well with no confirmation of when the film will ultimately come to theaters.

Scanline VFX studios has locations all over North America, Europe and Asia with have teams working on the MCU's second full-length film of 2020. With all initial shooting complete , giving the VFX team the ability to work on the film from home should help keep post-production for the movie on schedule. The Eternals is still set for a worldwide release on November 6, 2020, with no signs of any delays to come.