Spider-Man: No Way Home Toy Reveals Last-Minute Color Changes for Tom Holland's New Costume

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One of the more disputed new costumes for Tom Holland's Peter Parker revealed to debut in Spider-Man: No Way Home is the new "Black & Gold Suit." Many fans have theorized that this costume shows the circuitry under the typical fabric of Parker's suit used in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

An arguably confusing aspect of this outfit is Spider-Man's red and black forearms. Merchandise has been incredibly inconsistent showing the web-crawler with and without them on toys and t-shirts. Even the highly detailed Hot Toys figure for the costume showed it with red and black forearms.

However, it seems like Hot Toys may have made a mistake as it recently showed an update to its upcoming figure for the "Black & Gold Suit."

No More Blue for Tom Holland's Spider-Man

Hot Toys uploaded an updated series of images on Twitter of its figure for the "Black & Gold Suit," removing the red forearms on Peter and making the entire suit consistent with its namesake.

Hot Toys Spider-Man Black & Gold Suit Update
Hot Toys

An additional change is the spell glyphs used on the costume are no longer blue but yellow, matching the gold of Spider-Man's new outfit.

The account called it "An Update from the Figure of Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero," indicating that this isn't a new figure but an update of an already announced one. 

For comparison, below is the original Hot Toys figure showing the red forearms and blue spell glyphs:

Spider-Man's Black and Gold suit from No Way Home
Hot Toys

Looking at the costumes side-by-side, the only change to the costume seems to be the red forearms, but the circuitry of the suit is even more obvious in his arms:

Spider-Man No Way Home Costume Update
Hot Toys

Front and back shots of the full-body suit offer the best perspective of its black to gold ratio:

Hot Toys


Last-Minute Changes for Toys Are Typical

What tends to happen with merchandise tie-ins is that designs are primarily based on pre-production materials used for production, like concept art or pre-vis footage, which was likely the case with this costume. It would certainly explain the inconsistency between multiple products, which probably received different reference materials.

However, with the film fast approaching and Hot Toys uploading this "update," the costume in the film will likely go without the red forearms or the blue spell glyphs.

Another possibility is that Tom Holland's Peter Parker might still have the red forearms only briefly before stripping them off to reveal the golden circuitry to match the rest of the costume.

Fans will know for sure the nature of this new "Black & Gold Suit" when Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17, 2021.

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