Marvel Reveals New Tom Holland Spider-Man Suit Detail That Has Fans Upset

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Spider-Man 2, Tom Holland

Almost two years after Spider-Man: No Way Home's release, fans are upset with Marvel's confirmation of a controversial detail on Tom Holland's final swing Spidey suit. 

The iconic wall-crawler is back in the news as of late thanks to PlayStation's Spider-Man 2 video game. 

Insomniac Games' super-powered epic included Holland's now-iconic new suit after it was featured in only a few seconds of the 2021 blockbuster, allowing fans one of the first good looks at the costume. 

Tom Holland's Spider-Man, Spider-Man: No Way Home
Sony Pictures

This digital rendition of the MCU look featured all the details one would expect. The red base and shining blue side panels and legs were faithfully captured to striking effect, but it also came with one divisive element some may have missed. 

Spider-Man 2 Seemingly Confirms Tom Holland's Gold Spider

Spider-Man 2 Gold Spider

Since the release of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, eagle-eyed fans have spotted the No Way Home final suit featured what looks to be a gold spider logo on the chest. 

The "New Red and Blue Suit" (as titled in the game) sports a gold arachnid front and center - as revealed by photos uploaded to Reddit by user wes205.

This comes after fans previously speculated the look from the movie featured such a detail, but nothing was ever confirmed on the matter.

While it is hard to tell if the spider was gold in the Tom Holland-led film, concept art from merchandise illustrator Rob Brunette showed the web-slinging hero's new look with a golden spider logo.

No Way Home Gold Spider Concept
Rob Brunette

Brunette posted the concept image on Instagram shortly after No Way Home's release, mentioning this was " [his] final illustration from the No Way Home project:"

"This is my final illustration from the 'No Way Home' project. I absolutely loved this ending scene and the beautiful design of this new suit. It was such an honour to have the opportunity to work on all three Spideys for this film. I’m still processing it all but I hope you enjoy these images. This really meant a lot to me."

This is a controversial change to what looks to be a fairly traditional Spidey suit, and it has fans quite upset about the deviation from the norm.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man costume concept art

In the Reddit thread confirming the gold spider in Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man fans sounded off, sharing their dismay. 

Reddit-used Rlum27, remarked, "If it's changed to black in Spider-man 4 I would be ok with that."

TheLastDonnie called it "certainly a choice," and Pupulauls9000 agreed, posting, "[it's] so close to being a perfect suit."

Is the Spider Actually Gold?

While these images from Spider-Man 2 look to finally confirm Tom Holland's spider logo is gold on the new Spider suit, some will continue to question it until Marvel Studios officially debuts it as such. 

A wrench to throw into all of this comes in some of the No Way Home merchandise that featured the new look. 

A Hot Toys figure based on Holland's wall-crawling hero sporting the suit was released months after the film came to theaters, and its spider is very clearly not gold. 

This press materials promoting the figure described the getup as "a finely tailored red, metallic blue suit with black accents and web pattern," with no mention of gold:

"The highly-accurate figure features a newly developed head sculpt of Peter Parker with separate rolling eyeballs, a masked head sculpt with multiple pairs of interchangeable Spider-Man eye pieces to create numerous Spider-Man’s expressions; a finely tailored red, metallic blue suit with black accents and web pattern; an array of amazing accessories including Spider-Man mask and assorted spider-web shooting effect parts."

One would think for authenticity's sake if the spider on the suit was gold, it would as such on any merchandise featuring the new costume. 

If it is this bronzey color, it would make sense, as some have speculated Holland's young hero added the detail as a way of honoring his past suits seen in the movies (and potentially his mentor Tony Stark/Iron Man). 

However, a confirmation of the controversial detail from Marvel Studios likely will not come until Spider-Man 4, as Tom Holland slips back into the red and blue for some more super-powered action. 

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is available now exclusively for PlayStation 5.  

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