Spider-Man: No Way Home Promo Art Shows Updates to Tom Holland's Black Suit

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Tom Holland Spider-Man No Way Home Black Suit

Without a new trailer to provide new hints about the film's plot details, fans have been left to dissect the marketing and promotional breadcrumbs for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Magazine covers from Empire Magazine provided a new look at Spidey's Integrated Suit while teasing some of No Way Home's multiversal adversaries. Sony Pictures has held back from revealing too much about the film's narrative, but a cryptic tweet could be hinting at the crossover that many fans are hoping for.

Audiences have been left wondering even more after the shocking revelation in Venom: Let There Be Carnage's post-credits sequence, which teased another major collision of worlds in the Spider-Man threequel or beyond. Whether Eddie Brock crosses over or not, the reveal may have further implications for Sony's other Spider-Man-related films down the road.

New promotional art for the film has now been revealed, highlighting a slight change that Marvel has made to one of Tom Holland's upcoming No Way Home suits after a series of inconsistencies.

Marvel Updates Spider-Man's Black Suit

A merchandise listing on the Brazilian website Tilibra revealed new promo artwork from Spider-Man: No Way Home, featuring Spidey in his Black and Gold suit surrounded by Doctor Strange incantations.

Spider-Man No Way Home Black and Gold Suit Update

The costume is noticeably updated from previous promotional artwork, removing the red coloring from the arms and replacing the blue magic with the Sorceror Supreme's signature red:

Spider-Man, Marvel, MCU

The Integrated Suit logo also receives new promotional artwork, surrounded by gold outlining of the aforementioned costume and Far From Home's Bosco suit:

Spider-Man No Way Home Integrated Suit Update

This particular logo was previously used for other promotional artwork but has been updated with a higher level of detail to include panel lining on the metallic spider and texture on the red fabric.

Why Update Tom Holland's Spidey Suit?

This isn't the first time that Marvel Studios adjusted its Spidey look prior to No Way Home's release, as Hot Toys also updated its Black and Gold figure to remove the red arms and blue magic. This all but confirms that Tom Holland's new suit will be updated without red arms for the film, which has been an inconsistent trait for the costume in marketing materials.

Interestingly, this artwork changes not only the color but also the texture of Spidey's lower arms and hands. Gone is the red fabric, replaced instead by the smooth material seen on the rest of the Black and Gold figure. So why the change?

The red-armed version of the suit could be earlier concept art that has since been scrapped in favor of this new design, but perhaps there is some narrative reason for the change. The circuit board detailing of the Black and Gold suit heavily resembles the inside texture of the original Tom Holland Spider-Man suit seen in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming

Homecoming features a scene where Ned and Peter crack open the Stark suit, revealing similar black and gold circuitry inside reminiscent to this new No Way Home suit. Is it possible that the Black and Gold suit is a stripped-down version of Peter's suit, showing what the costume looks like underneath the exterior fabric? This might explain why the original Black and Gold design still retained some red detailing, as that version may have not entirely removed all the webbed costuming.

Spider-Man: No Way Home's Black and Gold suit slings into theaters on December 17, 2021.

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