Will Spider-Man: No Way Home Now Include Venom? Every Piece of Evidence

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Warning - This article contains spoilers for the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to break records when it premieres later this year, something made clear by its view-shattering first trailer. All eyes are on Spider-Man.

Apparently, however, that doesn’t just mean the ol’ webhead. Venom: Let There Be Carnage just debuted with a massive opening box office weekend. Not only did it trump pandemic-era records, but it also somehow managed to crush the number set by the first film. 

As Sony is learning, anything in close proximity to Spider-Man has the potential to be a pure money-making machine. Though, to be fair, word of mouth about the film’s post-credits sequence certainly helps.

Venom Spider-Man Tom Holland

The scene in question features Eddie Brock and Venom relaxing in a hotel room. Venom offers to show Brock some of the experiences other symbiotes have had via his hivemind connection. The moment he goes to do so, things start shaking, lights start flashing, and then everything goes still: they’ve arrived in the MCU.

Venom then sees Tom Holland’s Spider-Man on the screen—to which he declares “that guy” and proceeds to kick the screen.

So does this mean that fans should expect to see Tom Hardy’s Venom make an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Arguments for Venom's No Way Home Debut

Venom Spider-Man No Way Home

Before starting, it’s important to note that besides what has been seen in the trailer, all of what follows is pure speculation. Let’s begin.

One of the biggest tidbits in favor of Venom’s appearance later this year would simply be the placement of the tease. Seeing Venom dropped into the MCU around the same time as Spider-Man: No Way Home, where several other villains are set to join the fray in a similar fashion, is suspect, to say the least. 

Sony previously revealed that “when No Way Home comes out, even more will be revealed,” teasing that at the least, the film will shed light on how characters such as Venom may connect to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

One of Sony’s long-standing goals has been to get a Sinister Six film off the ground. One could argue this goal is what led to the downfall of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. As of recently, however, that goal is apparently still alive.

Venom isn’t usually a member of the Sinister Six, but that wouldn’t stop Sony from taking the character and making him a member of whatever its version of the group ends up being. 

Funny enough, with all of the villains rumored to make an appearance, Spider-Man: No Way Home could easily cobble together its own makeshift group for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to go up against.

The trailer laid a solid foundation for at least five of the possible candidates. There’s Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx’s Electro, Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman, and Rhys Ifan’s Lizard. That makes five, but who’s number six? 

Well, Rhino has been rumored at one point—however, no specific villain has come up as much as those other five. Given all the talk about Venom connecting to Spider-Man, it wouldn’t be crazy to see Tom Hardy show up. 

But why would Eddie Brock even want to join this sinister group? While there were hints about a potential hivemind connection to Spider-Man, evil-doing is the last thing Brock would want at that point.

This leads to why Venom may not make an appearance this December after all.

Arguments Against No Way Home

Venom No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home has a lot going on. There are five consistently rumored villains set to appear in the film, probably more, and also two Spider-Men possibly showing up—that’s not even including the Doctor Strange stuff. 

That is to say, there simply might be too much going on for Tom Hardy’s character to be given the time needed in order to explain everything. 

For example, the post-credits scene dropped that symbiote hivemind knowledge on audiences, something which wasn’t set up at any point before. That’s a whole lot to explain and flesh out, especially in a film packed to the brim as much as Spider-Man: No Way Home is.

Just throwing Venom into the fray could easily disorient audiences and throw off the film. He doesn’t have any established connection to Spider-Man—something all of those other rumored villains had movies for. Then, add in the fact that, on top of that, each of them has a direct relationship with one of the two rumored returning Spider-Men

Venom doesn’t have any repertoire with Tom Holland, let alone Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. He simply doesn’t fit into place as cleanly as the other villains do.

Then there’s the fact that with the recent success of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Tom Hardy’s symbiote has been elevated to a whole different level for Sony. If Venom and Spider-Man are to properly meet, the studio is going to want that to be its own event—not to mention it’s going to need a movie to properly explain everything going on between the two.

Does that mean there’s no connection between Tom Hardy’s arrival and everyone else, such as Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock? No, in fact, they could have all arrived at the same moment via the same method and/or mistake (in the case of Strange’s spell).

Notice, however, that Hardy was at a getaway hotel—somewhere far away from New York City, which is where all of those other villains would likely have shown up. Venom, for all intents and purposes, could be the collateral of Strange’s poorly cast spell, collateral that may go unnoticed for quite some time.

What's Next for Venom & Spider-Man?

Spider-Man Venom

Well, maybe fans will see Venom this December. He may join the likes of Alfred Molina and Willem Dafoe and take on Tom Holland, dragging his life more into shambles than it already was.

If that’s not the case, well, it's now more probable than ever that everyone’s favorite symbiote will be making an appearance for a post-credits scene. This would tease the inevitable clash between Hardy and Holland, which might be the next time fans see Spidey after this year. 

As for what the two may fight about, besides each other, of course, the answer may lie in what Venom had to eat shortly before crossing over. After all, what does munching down on a symbiote even mean?

The two will fight only to have them come together to save everyone in sight from Carnage—who will likely escape from Venom and seek out a new host. Cletus Kasady round 2, anyone?

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