Tom Holland's Scrapped Symbiote-Inspired Suit from Spider-Man: No Way Home Revealed (Photos)

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Tom Holland, Spider-Man: No Way Home Black Suit

It looks like Tom Holland’s Spidey almost wore a Symbiote-inspired suit in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The last time the iconic black-suited look for Spider-Man was seen on the screen was for Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 3 in 2007. While the suit looked great, many didn’t like the movie it featured in.

Not long after Holland’s third film debuted, concept art surfaced illustrating what his MCU hero could look like in a black spider suit. Needless to say, it reignited the desire for the Symbiote to come back into the spotlight.

Tom Holland Nearly Wore a Symbiote-Like Suit

The Spider-Man: No Way Home - The Art of the Movie artbook just released worldwide, and in it, new concept art showed Tom Holland's Spidey wearing a suit with a Symbiote-like white logo on his chest.

The art is found in the section of the book exploring alternate looks for Spider-Man's upgraded suit flipped inside out—though it's unclear if that's what's depicted here.

As fans can see, the suit is completely black, with the smaller detailing falling pretty close to his Upgraded Suit. On the hero's chest is the large, symbiote-like white spider logo.

Spider-Man, No Way Home, Symbiote

The suit obviously has a striking resemblance to the hero's Symbiote suit which first showed up in May 1984 for The Amazing Spider-Man Issue #252, with its alien origins not being revealed until Secret Wars Issue #8 later that year.

Spider-Man, No Way Home, Symbiote

The symbiote suit will also feature in Insomniac's Spider-Man 2, which sees the outfit take on a more organic look.

Spider-Man, No Way Home, Symbiote

The concept art book also contained a version depicting the large spider logo in red instead of white, which was actually one of the original designs for the suit before they settled on its now iconic look.

Spider-Man, No Way Home, Symbiote

When Will the Symbiote Spider-Man Suit Appear?

These concepts were likely never designed to actually be the Symbiote suit, instead simply acting as references—which is why it was a great choice by Marvel Studios not to use them in that fashion.

Fans will undoubtedly see Holland put on the alien suit one day. After all, a piece of Tom Hardy’s Venom is floating around the MCU somewhere.

Spider-Man 4 would be the perfect place to do just that. Peter Parker is in a place uniquely suited for that storyline—he’s off on his own, with no friends or family to speak of.

What better time to struggle with a mood-killing, anger-inducing alien parasitic suit?

That’s what Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 will be focusing on, and it has fans incredibly excited for the upcoming PlayStation 5 game. If that version of the costume can look this amazing, then the MCU certainly has some work to do to match or exceed the game developers’ designs.

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