Spider-Man: No Way Home Artist Imagines Tom Holland In Venom Suit (Photos)

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Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are moving along at full-speed with Spider-Man: No Way Home as it enters its third full weekend in theaters across most of the world. With Tom Holland taking on his third solo web-slinger outing as the MCU moves into Phase 4, this threequel is already making its mark as one of the biggest movies in entertainment history.

No Way Home had the unique opportunity to feature more than half a dozen exciting characters from Spider-Man's cinematic history, which included five villains from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's solo movies along with Maguire and Garfield themselves as their Spider-Men. Even more came into the film's mid-credits scene thanks to Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock/Venom, although they were only relegated to an MCU history lesson before going back to his own world.

Thanks to a piece of the Venom symbiote staying behind in the MCU, fans may someday see the effects of the alien lifeform in a potential encounter with Holland's web-slinger. While it hasn't come to fruition either on-screen or behind the scenes yet, one of No Way Home's artists has teased what that encounter may look like.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man Meets Venom

Thomas du Crest, a concept artist who worked on both Spider-Man: No Way Home and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, took to social media to share concept art of Tom Holland's Peter Parker taking on the Venom symbiote in his Spider-Man suit. While du Crest worked on both movies, these images are simply something he worked on in his free time and are not associated with either film.

One of the pieces shows Holland unmasked and wearing the Venom-infused Spidey suit, which boasts an enormous white Spider-Man logo on the chest with the legs going under the arms.

Spider-Man Tom Holland Venom Symbiote
Thomas du Crest

It also features white veins running all the way across the suit, white triangles on the backs of the hands, and symbiote veins running along Holland's neck and cheeks.

Tom Holland Venom
Thomas du Crest

Du Crest also shared a version of the suit featuring Holland's mask, which is completely black and boasts the same eye structure as his past MCU suits have.

Spider-Man Venom Suit
Thomas du Crest

A faint webbing texture can be seen in parts of the mask while the white veins run along the sides as well.

Tom Holland Venom
Thomas du Crest

More of Thomas du Crest's stunning work can be found on his ArtStation and Instagram profiles.

Inspiration for Tom Holland's Future Spider-Man Movies?

As du Crest mentioned, these pictures can be thought of as extremely high-quality doodles that he developed in his off-time while working on both Spider-Man-centric movies from the end of 2021. They are not to be considered as official concept art for where the MCU is going, but it certainly does inspire some ideas of what fans could see in the near future.

While Tom Hardy's Venom only got about a minute of screentime before being sucked back into his own world, the fact that part of the "black alien goo" stayed behind can't be taken for granted.

Tom Holland's Peter Parker is now off on his own and trying to reinvent himself as Spider-Man in a world that has no idea of his existence, all while that tiny drop of goo tries to escape a bar in Mexico. Although Venom 3 is certainly on Sony's minds for their own Spider-Man universe, Marvel now has the chance to use this entity in a potential MCU Spider-Man story as well.

Considering all the challenges Holland's high-school dropout has to face in this new world, throwing Venom into the mix would complicate things even further. It's still a mystery if or when that story will be told, but with images like this, fans are certainly looking forward to that visual on the big screen.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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