Spider-Man 2 PS5: Best Look at Peter Parker's Venom Symbiote Suit Revealed (Photos)

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Fans just got their best look at Peter Parker’s iconic Symbiote Suit in Insomniac’s upcoming PlayStation 5 game, Spider-Man 2.

The upcoming sequel is easily one of the most anticipated upcoming PS5 games. The first game quickly became a fan-favorite, and the Miles Morales spin-off received the same love.

Spider-Man 2 will see Kraven the Hunter enter the spotlight as a key antagonist. Alongside the big game hunter, players will also encounter the Lizard, Wraith, Shocker, and more.

Most notably, the iconic and monstrous Venom will be going up against both Miles and Peter. But before it gets attached to its eventual mystery host, it spends some time with good ol’ Parker.

High-Quality Look at Spider-Man’s Symbiote Suit

Marvel and Hot Toys just revealed a new high-quality look at their upcoming 1/6 figure based on Peter Parker’s Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2, Symbiote

The classic suit looks incredible. This new version of the outfit spots an interesting, organic-like texture, and includes the iconic white spider symbol.

Spider-Man 2, Symbiote

The collectible will include accessories so that Peter can shoot out his symbiote tendrils.

Spider-Man, Symbiote

In the listing, Hot Toys describes how the suit “enhances Peter’s power,” while also having a “clear physiological effect on [him]:”

“This solid black suit enhances Peter’s power with unique abilities, but at the same time it has a clear physiological effect on Peter, altering his look, making him more aggresive, even against his friends like Miles.”

Spider-Man 2, Symbiote

Fans will even get the character’s new Iron Spider arms, though here, they will also be entangled with the Venom symbiote like the rest of his suit.

Symbiote, Spider-Man 2

The suit will also come with black web wings, which players will undoubtedly see regularly when navigating New York City.

Spider-Man mask, Symbiote for PlayStation costume

A special edition will be available in “selected markets exclusively” that includes an additional masked head that shows the symbiote starting to take over Peter’s normal mask.

Spider-Man, Symbiote

The figure will include a stand, several hand switchouts, and newly designed symbiote web pieces.

Spider-Man 2, Symbiote

The Symbiote Suit Looks Incredible

There’s no denying that the Symbiote suit looks incredible. Not only did Insomniac completely crush the design, but Hot Toys knocked it out of the park translating the look into a 1/6 scale collectible.

Yuri Lowenthal, the voice actor behind Spider-Man, previously revealed that the team "looked at addiction in people" for inspiration in how this version of Peter Parker would deal with the Symbiote suit. From the sounds of it, Insomniac has really put time and effort into making sure their version of the iconic storyline is one worth remembering.

But how long will Peter hold onto the Symbiote? After all, it’ll need to find another host at some point in order to become Venom.

Hopefully, Spidey’s black suit isn’t just a quick gimmick in the final game.

With the Symbiote suit being such a big deal, one can’t help but wonder when it could make its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home's mid-credits scene.

Spider-Man 2 on the PS5 will be available on October 20.

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