The Suicide Squad Trailer Confirms Justice League Villain as Big Baddie

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The Suicide Squad Justice League

The day before DC FanDome, several sites had reported that Starro would make an appearance in The Suicide Squad. On the day of DC's online fan convention, the very first footage for the film was officially released, showing behind-the-scenes work and interview snippets from the cast and crew.

More attentive fans caught a glimpse of Starro's handy work in the background on some extras, which essentially spoiled the big surprise for many. However, it seems like Warner Bros. was aware of this and decided to pull the trigger themselves in the first trailer for The Suicide Squad.


Fans were finally treated to the first trailer of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad that includes a surprising revealed many thought would be reserved until the film's release.

Starro The Suicide Squad
Warner Bros.

Out of nowhere, the famous Justice League villain Starro bursts out of the building and makes its live-action debut.

Starro The Suicide Squad Blurred
Warner Bros.

Steve Agee, who plays John Economos, blurts out, “Oh my god, we've got a freakin' Kaiju up in this shit!” as the giant alien begins its rampage.

Starro The Suicide Squad Clear
Warner Bros.

Although, as is the case with most trailers, it isn't easy to discern if this will be the climax of the film or not. Considering how big and formidable a villain Starro is in the comics, it's hard for it not to be.


It is hard to imagine how the squad stands a chance against a supervillain that gave even the Justice League trouble multiple times in the comics. However, that was likely Gunn's exact intention to increase both the stakes and comedy of the situation.

At least in David Ayer's Suicide Squad, the team had a guy who could turn into a fire deity. Now, all they have is a bipedal shark with a dad bod.

Gunn himself actually made reference to Justice League's Starro twice recently on his Twitter account when recounting his favorite comic book covers. Clearly, Gunn has some affinity for the alien starfish, which also explains its inclusion.

It is a tad surprising that Warner Bros. would blow such a reveal in the trailer, but as already explained, many fans had already ruined that secret by paying close attention to the sneak peek shown at DC FanDome. So, it's possible that the studio thought to rip the band-aid off now instead of hiding it until people are sitting in theaters or watching it on HBO Max.

The Suicide Squad is scheduled to release in theaters and HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

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