The Suicide Squad: New Batman & Flash Villains Revealed In Teaser

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The next DC Comics film is James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. It's a project that seems to be Gunn's baby, having put his all into the project. It shows, after all, with the trailers revealing a distinct James Gunn style, and some visually stunning shots. 

Critics just saw the movie and recently shared their reactions on social media. Fans probably weren't surprised to hear that there was high praise across the board. From the cast to the action sequences—and of course, most importantly, that R-Rating; James Gunn seems to have done it once again.

Warner Bros. is probably giddy with excitement. They got pretty lucky to catch James Gunn when they did, and in turn, it may have given them one of their best DC Comics films to date.

In celebration of The Suicide Squad's upcoming release, Warner Bros. has released a brand-new featurette for the film. One that also, surprisingly, reveals two new characters that haven't been announced up until this point.


Suicide Squad, James Gunn, DCU
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has released a brand new featurette for James Gunn's upcoming DCEU film The Suicide Squad. The featurette shows some really neat things, but amongst them, the video reveals that Sean Gunn has a secondary role on top of Weasel: The Calendar Man.

Standing behind Calendar Man in the very same scene, DC Comics villain Double Down can be spotted.

Below, fans can see that Suicide Squad has nailed the look of the Batman enemy Calendar Man. It goes to show that the source material is in fact being consulted when this film was put together.

Suicide Squad, DCU, Calendar Man
DC Comics

Fans can also note that their adaptation of Double Down is just as faithful.

Suicide Squad, DCU, Double Down
DC Comics

The featurette can be seen in full below.



With The Suicide Squad's cast consisting of over half a dozen d-list supervillains, it's no surprise that even more show up. It's always fun to see stuff like this happen, and really drives home James Gunn's point in the featurette—The Suicide Squad will introduce more DC Comics villains than any other film ever. 

Even better is that both Calendar Man and Double Down look ripped out of the comic books. But the real question is, will they amount to anything in the film's plot? Or are they just an amusing easter egg for fans? With how the film seems to play out, it doesn't look good for them.

After all, James Gunn has said himself, that nearly all members of Task Force X will not make it out of the movie alive. Which is a little sad to think about, as that means most of these characters won't ever get to be utilized again in the DCEU.

Even with that said, The Suicide Squad looks like a fun ride and a huge jump in quality from Warner Bros.' first attempt with the group. The film will be released on August 6 in both theaters and streaming on HBO Max.

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