Watch: Pierce Brosnan Becomes a Superhero In New Black Adam Teaser

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Pierce Brosnan, Black adam

Fans were ecstatic to learn that former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan was cast as DC's magical superhero, Doctor Fate, and its human host, Kent Nelson, in Black Adam. However, fans haven't gotten one glimpse or tease of his costume as Doctor Fate since he was cast last year. As it happens, Brosnan recently revealed that his costume would actually be CGI, explaining its absence aside from appearing in concept art.

Dwayne Johnson recently announced that Warner Bros. would be releasing a 60-second TV spot for the next four DC films in its 2022 slate. Now, it's been released and has shown even more than fans could have ever anticipated, including a closer look at Brosnan as Doctor Fate.

DC's Fate Has Arrived

New footage for all of DC's 2022 live-action films has been revealed by Warner Bros., which includes The Batman, The FlashAquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and the long-awaited Black Adam.

One shot of the sizzle-reel shows Pierce Brosnan as Kent Nelson, as he holds the Helmet of Fate while speaking to Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam. The helmet itself is spotless, as it gleams in the light of the desert temple.

Doctor Fate Brosnan Black Adam
DC Films

Later in the video, Nelson is seen donning the helm as Doctor Fate, while a jet flies overhead. One distinct costume difference from the comics is that Doctor Fate's iconic helmet lacks its typical eye slits, completely obscuring its wearer.

Doctor Fate Costume Black Adam
DC Films

Pierce Brosnan can be seen in action in the full sizzle reel below:


Pierce Brosnan's Doctor Fate Is in Control

Doctor Fate's hook, for those who aren't fully versed in DC's superheroes, is that whoever puts on the Helmet of Fate will be possessed by the spirit that resides in the helmet, Nabu the Wise. Nabu is a Lord of Order, which comprises a race of cosmic beings dedicated to keeping balance in the universe and acting against those that would disturb such balance, specifically those aligned with the Lords of Chaos.

Not only could this design change be a way to further hide the use of CGI for the costume and character, no longer needing to motion-track Pierce Brosnan's eyes or face under the helmet, but further emphasize how Nabu completely takes over whoever wears it. As for the rest of the costume itself, it's remarkably faithful to the comics, especially matching the look in the eight-issue series "Countdown to Mystery."

Fans will find out how Black Adam will portray Doctor Fate's relationship with Kent Nelson, its human host, when it releases in theaters on July 29, 2022.

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