Avengers: Infinity War-Type Action Rumored for Black Adam Movie

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Black Adam has been on DC's radar for many years, and it is finally coming to the big screen in 2022. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson takes on the lead role as Teth-Adam while also serving as a producer on the film. The nature of the ruthlessly brutal character in his history throughout the comics suggests that the movie will be dark and told in incredible scope.

Johnson has recently hyped up his character on social media, jokingly challenging "anyone from Marvel" to go toe-to-toe with him. He also took to Twitter some time back claiming that Black Adam could kill Superman, saying "Superman's greatest weakness isn't Kryptonite, it's magic. Black Adam's greatest superpower is magic.

Prior to last year's DC FanDome, Johnson released an official first look at his anti-hero, and more recently, three more images were released showing Johnson in full costume and good lighting, making him look extremely menacing.

With Black Adam being comparable to Superman in size and strength, as well as characters such as Doctor Fate being in the film, Black Adam is expected to be one of the biggest projects to date for the DCEU. A recent rumor suggests just how big it may be, and, if true, DC has a true blockbuster on its hands.

Black Adam to Rival Avengers: Infinity War in Scope

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Insider Daniel Richtman recently revealed via Twitter that Black Adam could potentially be one of the biggest movies when it comes to action spectacles, claiming that it "has Avengers: Infinity War/Man of Steel level action scenes."

Black Adam is one of the biggest heroes/anti-heroes in comic book history, suggesting that the rumors could very well be true. Richtman also used the word "epic" and included that magic would definitely come into play:

"Also heard the movie has Avengers: Infinity War/Man of Steel level action scenes. Like huge epic action scenes of all kinds. Some involving magic and some more Dragonball Z esque."

The DCEU's Biggest Movie?

The DCEU has never been shy when it comes to action spectacle. When the franchise was kicked off with Man of Steel in 2013, the third act showcased Superman and Zod flying through Metropolis leveling buildings and destroying anything in their path, trying to kill one another. 

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice upped the ante by bringing in Doomsday, whose purpose was to stop at nothing until he killed Superman. This led to him destroying a large portion of Metropolis until he was ultimately defeated at the hands of a dying Superman.

The long-awaited and highly anticipated Zack Snyder's Justice League showcased a 4-hour-long action spectacle, featuring everything from Steppenwolf taking out a majority of the Amazonian warriors to a climactic ending with Ezra Miller's The Flash reversing time with his speed.

The DCEU's latest movie, James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, provided fans with the most brutal and goriest action seen in a comic book film to this point, not holding back and featuring large-scale action from start to finish.

When looking at DC's track record when it comes to action sequences, it is not surprising that Black Adam will follow suit. His character in the comics is naturally drawn toward violence and the fact that Doctor Fate will also be brought into the film only adds fuel to the rumor that it will be an incredibly large movie.

Avengers: Infinity War is one of the biggest blockbusters of all time, with a huge number of heroes on-screen at the same time. If Black Adam is comparable to that, then DC fans are surely in for a treat next year when the movie releases.

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