Production schedules and film releases continue to shift as Hollywood struggles to deal with the ongoing pandemic. Just recently, Marvel Studios updated their upcoming film slate, providing new release dates that do not begin until November. A project that still has yet to get a confirmed release date is the still-untitled Ant-Man 3, which has Peyton Reed returning as the film's director, with Paul Rudd expected to reprise his role as the titular hero. It seems as if production on the film is still moving forward in its very early stages, as a writer has just been confirmed to be helming the script.


The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that comedy television writer Jeff Loveness has been brought in to write the script for Ant-Man 3. THR states that the deal was made in the earlier days of Hollywood's ongoing shutdown, and that the writer has already begun work on the film's screenplay. 

Jess Loveness has since responded to the report with a post on his Instagram, referring to the upcoming screenplay as his "Lear":

Loveness has multiple comedy credits under his name, including Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, TBS's Miracle Workers, and awards shows such as The Oscars. The writer also has experience working with Marvel comics, having written issues for characters such as Spider-Man, Nova, and Groot.


As the screenwriter has just begun work on the script, there is still most likely a long ways to go before any elements of the story are confirmed. Rumors have long been circulating as to the villains and characters that will appear in the sequel. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, it will be be very interesting to see where Ant-Man 3 goes with the story. Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Endgame both opened up an infinite amount of threads to pick back up on having explored the possibilities of the Quantum Realm. Now that Scott Lang knows time travel is possible down there, it is easy to see just how valuable the work of Hank Pym might become to others with more sinister intentions.

Ant-Man 3 bringing in a new writer for the franchise ensures that the film will maintain the uniquely fun, comedic tones of the previous films, while also adding a fresh new voice. In the past the Ant-Man films have both featured multiple writers, including Paul Rudd. Big-budget comedy films usually get several writers to do a pass of the script in order to punch-up jokes and elevate the script as a whole. It is unknown at the time if this script will go the same route, but it would also not be a surprise if Marvel Studios decides to stay with a single writer for the film. Jeff Loveness has written for critically acclaimed television shows and comic book titles; his notable works are what likely got him on Marvel's radar in the first place and are what got him this new gig. With the dynamic duo of Peyton Reed and Paul Rudd to work with, there's no doubt the writer will be able to create an incredibly fun addition to the MCU.