Marvel Decides to Keep Jonathan Majors In New MCU Doc Amid Controversy

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Kang actor Jonathan Majors made a Disney+ appearance in a new documentary for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania despite ongoing controversy.

As Majors' assault case continues, Marvel Studios has yet to respond in any major way, with his future in the MCU seemingly still up in the air.

The Kang actor remained in marketing for Ant-Man 3's digital release amid the controversy, although the movie's behind-the-scenes documentary was delayed.

Other studios have taken stronger responses to Majors, with the actor omitted from the recent Creed 3 marketing despite his starring villain role in the movie.

Jonathan Majors Appears in New MCU Disney+ Documentary

Marvel Studios' Assembled documentary about the making of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania was finally released on Disney+ on July 19 and included footage of Jonathan Majors amid his ongoing controversy and abuse case.

Jonathan Majors, Kang, Assembled Documentary
Marvel Studios

The documentary included a roughly five-minute section dedicated to Majors' Kang which included footage of the He Who Remains Variant from Loki, behind-the-scenes snippets from Quantumania, and interviews with the divisive actor.

Jonathan Majors, Kang, Assembled Documentary
Marvel Studios

The actor commented on joining the Ant-Man franchise, explaining how he had "the benefit of stepping into a song that was already playing:"

“The 'Ant-Man' franchise, within the MCU, has a very clear ethos, has a very clear rhythm to it. I had the benefit of stepping into a song that was already playing.”

Majors also spoke on his Kang costume in Quantumania, going into the satisfying feeling he had donning it for the first time and the "mysticism about it:"

“Starting out, they brought the costume completely into the trailer. And I did take a moment. And then once I put it on, I went, ‘Mmm, this is it.’ There are very few moments in my life where you go, ‘This is it.’ There is an energy within the suit. It literally makes you stand up straight. That’s just how it’s built. There’s mysticism about it. It’s iconic.”

Jonathan Majors, Kang, Assembled Documentary
Marvel Studios

Outside the dedicated Kang section of the Assembled documentary, Majors' role in the special is limited with no further interview segments included.

How Marvel Studios Is Handling Jonathan Majors' Controversy

Marvel Studios delayed Ant-Man 3's Assembled documentary from its original June 14 release without any word, which most assumed was due to the Jonathan Majors controversy and a desire to dial back his role or any praise given to him.

Although Kang was discussed and featured in the special - with Majors speaking on his MCU villain - the actor and his performance weren't mentioned or praised by any of the movie's cast or crew.

Clearly, Marvel Studios isn't looking to cut ties with Majors just yet after he appeared in Ant-Man 3's home release marketing and the documentary, but it does seem to be preparing for the worst by minimizing his presence.

Only time will tell what action the studio may take when it comes to Loki Season 2 this October, which, amid his major role in the show, will have to conduct its pre-release marketing in the midst of Majors' ongoing trial.

Marvel Studios will be monitoring the situation closely internally as the trial continues, but a decision on his future likely won't be taken until after a verdict on his guilt is reached and will certainly not be announced until after Loki Season 2 finishes.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and its newly-released Assembled behind-the-scenes documentary are streaming now on Disney+.

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February 17, 2023
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