She-Hulk Disney+: New Video Spoils Appearance of Mutant Hero

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She-Hulk is shaping up to be Marvel Studios' most comedic addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige even calling the Disney+ show a "half-hour legal comedy." Rumors indicate that She-Hulk will lean on the comedic roots of the part-time lawyer.

Other rumors indicate that this show will be filled with cameos, like Howard the Duck, which makes sense with Jennifer Walters specializing in superhero mishaps and legal conflicts. So it wouldn't be a surprise that this series could be a revolving door for minor Marvel characters from the comics.

Now, an audition tape for a client of She-Hulk could prove a previous leak correct.

You Wouldn't Like She-Hulk When She's Angry

The Cosmic Circus found an online audition tape uploaded by actor Tom Archdeacon two weeks ago for what appeared to be Marvel Studios' She-Hulk. The tape is titled "Tom Archdeacon - Marvel Villain," indicating that this role is meant to be for a primary or minor antagonist appearing in the show.

In the audition tape, Archdeacon appears to be consulting with two lawyers off-camera about divorcing his wife.

The first lawyer addresses Archdeacon as Mr. Smith, but he quickly corrects them, instead preferring "Doctor Revive" due to his power of immortality. Revive explains that, typically, when ending relationships with his previous wives, he would kill himself, wait to regenerate, and walk away as "a whole man."

However, this time, he wishes to avoid killing himself and giving up half of everything he owns, but he still wants to avoid confronting his wife with a divorce in person. This causes the other lawyer, likely a woman, to become agitated, with her saying, "Let me get this straight. Instead of having a conversation with your wife, you kill yourself to get out of the relationship?"

Revive attempts to clarify to her that he's immortal, causing her to become angrier and raise her voice, "Do you think that this woman who has a law degree doesn't know what 'immortal' means?"

The audition tape ends when Revive says that what he did when ending relationships is "one of the more considerate ways to end a marriage," casuing the same female lawyer to explode at him:

Female lawyer: “Are you really that afraid of confrontation?! Seriously?!

Client: “Come on, I-I thought lawyers weren’t supposed to be judgemental.”

Female lawyer: “Obviously, relationships can be hard, but there is also just basic respect!”

The Mutant Mister Immortal Making a Live-Action Debut?

As few characters in Marvel Comics possess such an ability, it appears that this character, "Doctor Revive," could be Mister Immortal. He is a (self-identified) mutant with the ability to resurrect and heal from any death he suffers and was previously the leader of the Great Lakes Avengers.

Mister Immortal Comic Cover
Marvel Comics

Additionally, two months ago, there was a leak on the subreddit MarvelStudiosSpoilers that claimed Mister Immortal would be one of many cameos in She-Hulk and that he would be "a client of Jen's firm handling multiple divorce settlements." It also claimed that other Marvel characters such as Man-Bull, Baron Blood, and Porcupine would also appear.

Mister Immortal was also meant to appear as the lead alongside Milana Vayntrub's Squirrel Girl in the canceled New Warriors television show, played by Derek Theler. But it seems that Marvel Studios is recasting the role while also retooling the character to be more of a scumbag rather than a typical superhero or as an outright villain, as the title of the audition tape implies.

Fans will find out how Jennifer Walter deals with Mister Immortal when they see She-Hulk on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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