Justice League Dark: More Concept Art From Cancelled Movie Features Deadman & Jason Blood

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Etrigan and Spectre with Justice League Dark logo

Just the other day, freelance concept artist Houston Sharp released three pieces he had done for Doug Liman's cancelled Justice League Dark , two of which were an interpretation of Swamp Thing confronting arsonists who were setting his home ablaze. The other was the depiction of a scene with John Constantine, bisexual anti-superhero and occult detective extraordinaire, having sex before being rudely interrupted by the reanimated corpse of a young boy possessed by Klarion asking for a turn.

Either NDA contracts have expired or other artists who worked on the cancelled production decided to join in on the fun in posting their own contributions. The latest series of concept art is from comic book artist Lee Bermejo, who posted scenes showing some of the most prominent members of this darker Justice League.


In a series of concept art posted by Lee Bermejo , Jason Blood is depicted as transforming into the demon prince, Etrigan, in what appears to be a public bathroom. Bermejo said that "I did quite a bit of work on Etrigan and his transformation" in reference to these two pieces:

Etrigan beginning to transform in public bathroom
Jason Blood Transforming into Etrigan by Lee Bermejo

Both of them take place in the same location, but it is unknown if these are different depictions of the transformation or showing its progress. The design of the bathroom is different for both, so it's likely Lee Bermejo exploring ideas for how Blood would change into the demon.

Jason Blood transforming into Etrigan
Jason Blood Transforming into Etrigan by Lee Bermejo

His other two pieces depict two other notable Justice League Dark members, with one of them showing James Corrigan, Spectre, handcuffed and in a jail cell with his green ghostly appearance phasing through to haunt whoever is looking at him.

Spectre handcuffed in jail cell
Spectre (James Corrigan) Handcuffed by Lee Bermejo

Finally, Corrigan gave his own horrifying take on the beloved and tragic hero Deadman, formerly known as Boston Brand. This piece of concept art includes John Constantine and Jason Blood. The scene depicted is them all gathered around a corpse in a morgue as Deadman finishes possessing a police officer, who may have helped give them access.

Deadman possessing police officer as Jason Blood and Constantine watch
Deadman, John Constantine, Jason Blood Visit Morgue by Lee Bermejo

Deadman himself doesn't have any sort of red costume like in the comics, but instead, Bermejo decided to emulate this look by having him appear skinless from the neck down, showing his red and bulging muscles. This is quite a clever way of paying tribute to his original look without him inexplicably having a superhero costume when he's a ghost.

Despite this project having been cancelled and in development for years, fans will eventually get to see these characters adapted into films or maybe even shows, depending on how Bad Robot decides to go about adapting these characters and this universe.

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