Marvel's Eternals Leak Reveals Richard Madden In His MCU Superhero Costume

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Kit Harington and Ikaris

Some comic fans were disappointed with the Eternals' costume designs when they were first revealed at the Disney D23 Expo in 2019, as they departed greatly from the comic designs by Jack Kirby. Unfortunately, for those fans who weren't a big fan of the designs, merchandise leaks in 2020 confirmed that the costume designs would remain largely the same.

The biggest costume concern has been for Ikaris, who lacks any red in his costume as he does in the comics. Merchandise artwork would later show that the costumes previewed at D23 were representative of the costumes the Eternals would have in the movie. While there's still a chance that Richard Madden's Ikaris could have red in his costume new, clearer leaks show that his garb is still very much blue and yellow, at least above the knees.


New Marvel Legends toy leaks from Eternals offer much clearer views of the characters and their figures. Among these leaks is an image showing the back of the box for the Ikaris action-figure, which describes him as “moral, kind and charismatic, Ikaris boasts incredible strength, flight, and the ability to project cosmic energy beams from his eyes.”

Eternals Promo Art Ikaris
From @eternalsupdates on Instagram

The full Instagram post with more of the figures can be seen below:



Not to beat a dead horse, but it's still a bummer that Ikaris' costume for Eternals will lack red. Red has been a staple of his color pallete in the comics since his introduction, and seeing the Eternal only sporting blue and yellow is a very odd adjustment. There's still a chance that, down the line, he'll have a more comic accurate costume, or at least one with a bit more red.

As for Ikaris' powers listed on the back of the box, those are actually traits that nearly all Eternals have in the comics, so it'll be interesting to see if Ikaris will be the only Eternal capable of flight.

Limiting flying powers to just Ikaris could be a way to make each Eternal more distinct beyond their usual superstrength and durability. It will be fascinating to see how Marvel Studios portrays Ikaris' cosmic energy beams out of his eyes, as the visuals around this ability could essentially be a test run for when the studio eventually adapts Scott Summers / Cyclops into the MCU.

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