Marvel's Eternals Leak Unveils New Looks at Gemma Chan, Richard Madden's MCU Heroes & More

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Eternals logo, Celestial

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will open a bold new chapter for the monumental franchise, introducing new heroes and villains into the mix. One of the exciting additions to the growing roster of MCU heroes is the Eternals.

Directed by Chloe Zhao, Eternals is set to introduce fans to another team of cosmic-powered and immortal superhumans who have already been living on Earth for thousands of years. It remains to be seen as to why the Eternals did not help the Avengers during Infinity War and Endgame, but it is expected that this concern will be addressed in the upcoming MCU film. 

Despite the film being delayed to November 6, 2021, anticipation is high for Eternals, especially considering that the film is led by an all-star cast, including the likes of Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and Kit Harrington.

And now, a new set of images may shed some light on how the characters will look like on the silver screen. 


Marvelous News unearthed the first look at the upcoming Eternals wave of Marvel Legends figures, and it showcases the massive ensemble of heroes that will be featured in the upcoming MCU film. 

The first set of photos provides a fresh, yet blurry look at the core protagonists of the film: 

Meanwhile, the next set highlights an in-depth look at the costumes of some members of the team such as Richard Madden's Ikaris, Lauren Ridloff's Makkari, and Gemma Chan's Sersi: 

The last batch shows off Brian Tyree Henry's Phastos, Kumail Nanjiani's Kingo, Barry Keoghan's Druig, and Lia McHugh's Sprite: 


The only sneak peek that fans have seen for Eternals so far is the official concept art that was shown during San Diego Comic-Con last year. From that point on, the best glimpses for Eternals have only been shown through leaked promotional images and several pieces of merchandise. And now, while it's not ideal, these new figures may have provided fans a fascinating new look at the costumes that the characters will wear throughout the film.  

As expected, the costumes shown in the official Marvel Legends figures are identical to the ones shown during SDCC, and there's a strong chance that these will be the final versions that fans will see in the actual movie. Given that the Eternals lived on Earth for thousands of years, it's possible that their costumes changed over time, and the clothes and armor that they are wearing in the Marvel Legends figures are essentially the updated and current versions. 

Interestingly, previous set photos confirmed that at least one Eternal, Sersi, will be wearing modern civilian clothes, potentially hinting that some members of the super-powered group may have blended in with the rest of the humans at some point. Given that, it will be interesting to find out how the Eternals reacted to several game-changing MCU moments such as the Battle in New York and Thanos' snap. 

Hopefully, the arrival of these Marvel Legends figures provides a springboard for an official poster or even trailer for Eternals down the line. 

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