Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3: Desert Location Teased By Cast Listing

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Spider-Man desert, Peter Parker

There has been plenty of set photo leaks from Spider-Man 3, showing Tom Holland filming with his brother, the possibility of an entirely new suit being introduced, and even Aunt May's charity efforts still going strong. It has even been revealed that at least a portion of this threequel will take place during the Christmas season.

Thus far, the plot of Spider-Man 3 is still a bit of a mystery, as it seems like it will still deal with Peter's identity being revealed to the public, but that the multiverse will be involved too. Fans were shocked with a series of casting news with not only Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina returning to their villainous roles, in addition to the news that Benedict Cumberbatch would also be joining Tom Holland.

More news regarding extras finally points to an entirely new location being explored outside New York, which could indicate that this movie's events will span far outside New York.


Discovered by @spideysnews on Project Casting, there are listings for three roles for extras in Spider-Man 3 still filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

One casting call asks to portray a lesbian couple at a café, which would only film for one day on February 17.


Casting a Lesbian Couple, ages 18-50, open ethnicity to portray a couple dining in a café.

The next casting call specifically asks for extras willing to film overnight as pedestrians. This seems to be a far more demanding shoot as filming will occur on February 27, 28, and March 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 14.


Casting Males & Females, open ethnicity, ages 18-70 to portray pedestrians for overnight shoots.

Please do not submit, if you can not do overnights (we will film from sundown to sunrise)

Finally, tourists will visit the desert which, like the lesbian couple, will shoot on February 17.


Casting Males & Females, ages 18-60 to portray tourists visiting the desert.


What is interesting about this desert location is that it seems to only have a small appearance in Spider-Man 3, due to it only requiring specific extras for a single day of filming. What's more interesting is that the lesbian couple extras dining at a café are filming on the same day. So, it's possible that these two extras could actually be related and that this café is, perhaps, in a desert.

At this point, it seems almost blatantly obvious that some multiverse shenanigans will occur in Spider-Man 3, so maybe one of these multiversal mishaps happens in the desert without any direct involvement from Tom Holland's Peter Parker. This could be similar how Spider-Man: Far From Home opened with Nick Fury and Maria Hill investigating an incident at Ixenco, Mexico, and encountering the first signs of Mysterio's dirty work.

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