Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3: Set Photos Tease CGI Suit and Curious Plot Point

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Spider-Man Costume Blue Peter Parker

Considering that Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange will be joining Tom Holland, however briefly, in Spider-Man 3, it will likely be the cause or cure for Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield showing up. That also means that, much like the last two Spider-Man movies, this one will be just as CGI-heavy, with actors having no idea what they're exactly acting against.

Fans are often worse off since the actors on set are at least given context, but whenever set photos leak, it's like trying to solve a puzzle that doesn't form an image. While it has been shown that Tom Holland will be wearing the same, albeit slightly adjusted, costume from the end of Far From Home, new set photos show that Parker might be wearing another suit for Spider-Man 3.


Some onlookers have captured photos of Tom Holland's stunt double at work, wearing a motion capture suit and harness on top of a building. Next to them is a poster of Spider-Man in his original red and blue costume with it advertising free photos and autographs from the web-slinger himself.

As the below tweet points out, this motion capture suit is only worn for special effect heavy suits. Therefore, this suit is either the Iron Spider, which Peter wore and still owned in Spider-Man: Far From Home, or audiences will see Peter wearing a completely new suit.



It's anyone's guess as to what that motion-capture suit will inevitably have rendered around it in Spider-Man 3, but there's a high chance that it's merely the Iron Spider suit, as he could be on the run and facing more formidable opponents that warrant its use.

It's more than likely that the poster is connected to Aunt May's charity foundation, as Spider-Man publicly appeared to support Aunt May's charity work in Far From Home. Similar to the old flyers, it's possible that this poster is outdated and old, but these are replaced far more regularly. It's highly probable that New York has largely forgiven Spider-Man, but there are still those out there who believe the hero is guilty.

However, it is curious to wonder if Peter's aunt had thought to actually register Spider-Man's likeness. By far one of the most memorable moments from Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man comic is when Wilson Fisk smugly informs Peter Parker that he bought the likeness of Spider-Man. Once Fisk found out his identity, he decided to profit off the hero instead of killing him, saying that it'd be "bad business."

Spider-Man USM Likeness Panel
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) — Issue #109

This would be a very good display and example of Peter Parker's terrible luck in the comics. On top of having his identity revealed to the world, someone else is profiting off his image. Certainly, it could be something else at the back of Parker's mind throughout this movie. It would be even better if the person who bought his likeness was another Spider-Man villain, like Wilson Fisk or Norman Osborn.

Such a petty act against the young hero certainly sets an impactful impression on audiences.

Own You Spider-Man USM Panels
Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) — Issue #109


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