Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984: Action-Heavy Scene Released at MTV Awards, New Poster Unveiled

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Three variations of Wonder Woman in classic costume and golden armor

Wonder Woman 1984 will officially be released in U.S. theaters and concurrently on HBO Max on December 25. Still, it is unfortunately expected that this plan will ultimately result in the movie losing money. However, Warner Bros. has been going all out in their marketing in the lead up to Wonder Woman 1984 releasing on HBO Max and theaters.

More and more posters have been released for WW84, mostly showing off Diana in her new golden eagle armor and trailers showing off new footage. The studio wants to make sure that people are aware that this blockbuster will be released soon on their streaming service and in theaters, which goes even further with Warner Bros. releasing a clip from the movie showing off Wonder Woman in action.


A new clip from Wonder Woman 1984 has been released at the MTV Awards, showing a car chase scene involving Gal Gadot's Diana and Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, seen only briefly throughout dozens of trailers:

Additionally, another poster for Wonder Woman 1984 has been released by Warner Bros. without Diana in her golden eagle armor. Instead, she is wearing her classic superhero costume, which she'll be wearing until the climax of the film whilst fighting Cheetah.



According to this newly released clip from Wonder Woman 1984, fans have been shown that not only is Diana's lasso now capable of grappling onto lightning, but that it can catch bullets. Considering that Wonder Woman will have neither her sword or shield in this movie, it really seems like the lasso's abilities have been pumped up to Silver Age levels of power, which is somewhat charming in its goofy nature.

Diana sees one of the bullets aimed and fired at Steve Trevor, whips her lasso towards it, and it actually manages to ensnare the bullet before even hitting Trevor's windshield. It makes one curious to see what else the lasso will end up being capable of doing in the movie that hasn't actually been seen in any trailers thus far. Another item of Diana's that fans have only seen her use once was her tiara, which she used only once in the trailers to destroy several security cameras in a mall. It would be interesting to see if her tiara is also used like her lasso for similarly absurd stunts.

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