Wonder Woman 1984: HBO Max Poster Reveals Vibrant Look at Gal Gadot's Golden Eagle Armor

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:
Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Armor

Warner Bros. will finally bring Wonder Woman 1984 to fans, but the approach will be unique this time around to accommodate the challenges raised by the global pandemic. Along with the film's release in theaters, the Gal Gadot-led sequel will also premiere simultaneously on HBO Max for residents of the United States. 

This unprecedented move of Wonder Woman 1984 marks the first of many for Warner Bros. since it was previously reported that the studio will be releasing all films that are currently slated for 2021 concurrently on HBO Max and in theaters. Such a move means that another DCEU film in the form of The Suicide Squad will also experience the same approach of Wonder Woman 1984. 

Regardless, anticipation is still high for Wonder Woman 1984, especially considering the numerous delays that the film experienced this year. Now, it's only a matter of days before the film gets released to the public, and a new poster has emerged to remind fans about the highly-anticipated release. 


Ahead of the film's release this Christmas, an official poster for Wonder Woman 1984 has been unveiled, and it showcases a fresh new look at Gal Gadot's Diana Prince wearing the Golden Eagle Armor. 

Wonder Woman 1984 Official Poster
From Warner Bros. 


The poster provides a fascinating look at the Golden Eagle Armor that Diana will wear, presumably, in the climactic battle of the sequel. As part of the film's marketing, the armor has been prominently featured in several posters already, and this latest one provides the best look yet at Diana's armor.  

While some plot details of Wonder Woman 1984 may have been revealed in the past due to a spoiler-filled junior novel, there are still secrets that have yet to be uncovered, such as Steve Trevor's unexpected return and the film's “enormous conspiracy.” Given that, the sequel is still shaping up to be a must-see affair for a number of reasons, and fans will no doubt want to find out how Diana Prince's next adventure will look like. 

Whatever the case, Wonder Woman 1984 has the potential to reinvent Diana Prince in surprising ways, and it will be exciting to learn how the Amazonian hero's journey in the sequel will forever change the character. 

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