Wonder Woman 1984: New Book Reveals Spoiler-Filled Plot Details

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Wonder Woman Spoilers

Spoiler Warning: This article reveals plot details about Wonder Woman 1984.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 film, which was originally slated for June 5th, has been pushed back from an August release to October 2nd. In the meantime, fans have learned a little more about the film through concept art, merchandise , and other promotional material without revealing too much information about WW84 .

But as more and more time separates us from Wonder Woman 1984's original release date, and with no guarantees of when theaters will reopen, Warner Bros. attempts at a spoiler-free summer are beginning to fall short. Along with a tie-in DC comic previewing a plot point in the film , a junior novelization of Wonder Woman 1984 has also been released which contains some significant spoilers from the film.


According to the junior novelizations via Bleeding Cool - Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel and Wonder Woman 1984: Meet Wonder Woman - we see more of young Diana competing in The Amazon Games. When she loses, her mother encourages her to think about the Golden Warrior Asteria "who did not become a legend through acts of haste. She got there through acts of bravery, and the bravest thing in the world is to face the truth."

How is Steve Trevor back? What's Maxwell Lord after? How does Barbara Minerva become Cheetah? The answer? The Dreamstone.

Both Barbara and Diana encounter the stone at the Smithsonian. It was part of a collection of stolen artifacts that were being smuggled into the United States. Diana knows that, like her lasso, it contains the power of the gods. It also can grant one wish. The Dreamstone causes a number of problems and was made by the God of Lies. Diana's wish to bring back Steve will connect his fate to the Dreamstone.

We also learn more about Barbara Minerva and how she becomes Cheetah.

In the book, Barbara is infatuated with Diana and wishes she could be like her. Barabara seems to struggle socially and has little self-confidence. These personal struggles, and her proximity to the Dreamstone, contribute to her becoming Cheetah.

Diana's state of mind? Her personal struggle in 1984?

Diana has been helping people and doing good since we last saw her in 2017's Wonder Woman . However, due to losing Steve and all she has seen through the years, she will be emotionally distant at the start of the film with no real connections.

Who is Maxwell Lord?

Diana first sees Maxwell Lord in a television commercial and immediately distrusts him. His business is running an oil company anyone can have a stake in. Of course, Diana's intuition is correct. In reality, Maxwell Lord is trying to find the Dreamstone for the sake of his business. He will also use Barbara's personal struggles to his advantage in order to obtain it.


While novelizations don't always directly correlate to what happens in a film, these plot points do seem to match up and further explain what we've already seen in the trailer.

Of all the spoilers, The Dreamstone is the most interesting, especially since it's from the god of lies and contributes to how and why Steve Trevor returns. It sounds like Diana's journey and growth in this film will be even more significant and personal than it was 2017's Wonder Woman .

It was also fascinating to learn more about Maxwell Lord and Cheetah and their personal motivations, as well as to learn about Diana's connection to the Golden Warrior Asteria and why she will wear the golden armor we've seen in the film's promotional material.

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