Wonder Woman 1984 Tie-In Comic Will Preview Hostage Situation From Movie

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Princes Diana out of costume on left and tie-in comic illustration of Wonder Woman on right.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has utilized tie-in prequel comics to excite fans before the releases of their movies, but the DCEU has rarely done this for their own films. The only time that they have was for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , which had multiple issues that focused on many of the key characters in the movie like Superman, Batman, Luther, and Lois.

Since then, Warner Bros. has not released another tie-in. But, with today's news, they might be getting back into this promotional tie-in trend - starting with Wonder Woman 1984 .


Before the release of Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters this October, DC plans on releasing a one-issue tie-in to the movie containing 32 pages and two stories.

Preview Pages - DC’s Wonder Woman 1984 #1

Only the first story ties directly to the movie, which is co-written by Louise Simonson and WW84 associate producer Anna Obropta with art by Bret Blevins. In this story, a hostage situation occurs at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. DC even made preview pages for this story available on their main blog , which includes an appearance from Barbara Minerva.

The second story, which is unrelated to the movie, is written by Steve Pugh with art by Marguerite Sauvage. In order to differentiate this from the direct tie-in story, this one takes place in the 80s and has Wonder Woman team up with Steve Trevor to steal back Diana's Lasso of Truth from a supervillain.

Wonder Woman Tie-In Cover
Cover Art of DC’s Wonder Woman 1984 #1 by Nicola Scott

Additionally, the cover for this tie-in issue is illustrated by Nicola Scott, who did the pencil work for Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman: Year One .

This tie-in comic plans to release first at U.S. Walmart stores  onSeptember 20 and then be available at all operating comic book stores and digital outlets on September 29.


As stated above, Warner Brothers do not publish promotional tie-in comics with their movies anymore, so to see them do it again with Wonder Woman 1984 is a nice treat for fans. It also gives a little hope that they might continue this trend for their upcoming movies.

It's possible that films like The Suicide Squad , The Flash , Black Adam could receive tie-ins and benefit from them, helping to set up their worlds, characters, and plots. However, the fact that Wonder Woman 1984 is DC's most successful franchise critically and financially, might mean that this prelude comic series is a one-and-done.

So, fans shouldn't get their hopes too high at the prospect of a tie-in issue for the R-Rated Suicide Squad sequel.

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