Wonder Woman 1984: Chris Pine and Gal Gadot Look Concerned in New Photo

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Originally intended for a June release, Wonder Woman 1984 was delayed to October 2, 2020 to accommodate continued social distancing measures.

New details surrounding the film have been limited, likely to save big reveals for when the film finally releases. Some aspects of the film have trickled out however, such as the upcoming design for Kristen Wiig's Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984 's newest batch of big information arrives in the latest issue of TotalFilm , with interviews from the main cast and director Patty Jenkins. A new interview with headlining actress Gal Gadot has now given us some insight into the headspace of Diana during WW84 as well as a new production still from the film...


Via Gamesradar , a new interview with Gal Gadot by TotalFilm talked about Diana's struggles in the original Wonder Woman .

“In the first movie, [Diana] really is a fish out of water, coming from Themyscira into man's world, and learning about the complexities of human life, really,”

Gadot followed on, discussing the progression Diana has undergone since the first film.

“In Wonder Woman 1984, she's been around. She's wiser. She's more mature. She's guarded. She lost all of her friends throughout the years. But she's still doing the right thing. But she is different than when we last saw her.”

This interview was also accompanied by a new still from the film:

From Total Film


The production still seems to indicate that Diana is uncertain about her feelings on Steve Trevor's return, with Diana seeming to be shocked by his reappearance. This image paired with the details shared by Gadot suggest that Wonder Woman 1984 will largely be focused on Diana dealing with the repercussions from the first film. Not only will she be vulnerable from the loss of Steve Trevor, but also from Charlie and Sameer's death following the war.

Despite this, Steve's return indicates that there will be a shift in dynamics, with him being the fish out of water this time around. Diana being "wiser" and "more mature" this time around means that she'll be the one to teach Steve about the world of 1984 that he has come back to.

Ultimately, DC fans will have to wait to see how Diana will overcome these struggles when Wonder Woman 1984 arrives on October 2, 2020.

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