Wonder Woman 1984: New Banner & Poster Show Off Diana Prince's Golden Armor

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Wonder Woman 1984 logo, Wonder Woman in Golden Eagle Armor

Wonder Woman 1984 is about to take center stage at the upcoming DC FanDome online convention, and it is expected that there will still be a plethora of reveals about the film ahead of its debut. In the past weeks, the marketing push for the film has ramped up, unveiling a good chunk of information about the sequel.

One key element of the film's marketing is the heroine's new costume in the form of the Golden Eagle armor. It remains to be seen how and why Diana will don the new armor, but previous teasers from the film may have shed some light on the costume's inclusion. Now, a new poster for the film has emerged, and it shows off the famed costume in all its golden glory.


In a tweet, Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins shared a brand new look at Diana Prince's Golden Eagle armor while also promoting the upcoming panel of the film during DC FanDome.

The new poster and banner can be seen below:

New Wonder Woman 1984 Poster
Wonder Woman 1984 Banner
New Wonder Woman 1984 Banner

The new poster once again highlights the flying ability of the Amazonian hero. Previous promotional materials from the film have already referenced this particular skill, and this poster is the most recent evidence that fans will finally witness the hero flying at some point. 

Meanwhile, the Golden Eagle armor is still leaving fans with more questions than answers. A powerful hero like Wonder Woman should have no problem withstanding most damage from enemies. The image depicts that the armor helps the hero to fly, but this doesn't seem to be the case in the comics. It seems that viewers will find out the main purpose of the armor when the film arrives in two months. 

At this point, the film is still expected to be released on October 2, but it remains to be seen if that date will stick. Interestingly, a major takeaway from this reveal from Jenkins is that both images don't have release dates. The premiere of the film in Brazil has already been postponed, and there's a chance that the official announcement of the delay could happen this weekend at DC FanDome. Regardless, it's anybody's guess if the film will be delayed once more due to the uncertainty surrounding the situation. 

The panel of Wonder Woman 1984 will kick off DC FanDome in a massive way since it will mark the debut of another trailer of the film. Hopefully, fans will find out if the film will push through with its theatrical release. 

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