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Wonder Woman 1984: New Poster Shows Gal Gadot's Hero With the Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman on new international poster with WW84 logo in foreground
By Pierre Chanliau

Wonder Woman 1984 will officially be released in U.S. theaters and concurrently on HBO Max on December 25. For international countries, the release dates vary, especially due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns. Most are planning to release the Wonder Woman sequel at least a week earlier than the U.S. in an attempt to lessen the blow the inevitable piracy will have on its performance.

This new push to release Wonder Woman 1984 also meant more marketing and footage. Recent international trailers have shown more of the fights between Wonder Woman and Kristen Wiig's Cheetah, along with flashbacks of Diana as a child performing in the Amazon Olympics.

However, marketing wouldn't be complete without a new poster to go along with these new trailers, which are just as colorful as ever.


Brazel released a new poster for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984, showing Diana off in her golden eagle armor and her lasso of truth whipping around her.

Wonder Woman 1984 International Poster Portuguese
Wonder Woman 1984 International Poster (Portugal)


Wonder Woman's new golden armor seen in the trailers has gotten a lot of promotion in the marketing. From all the trailers thus far, it seems like she will only wear it in what is presumably her final confrontation with Cheetah. However, another of Diana's arsenal has gotten a bit more subtle emphasis in the trailers: her lasso of truth.

Obviously, everyone was amazed when they saw that Wonder Woman can now apparently swing on lightning using her lasso. Still, Diana is also shown spinning it so fast that it deflects bullets, not to mention everything else that it has been seen doing in the trailers that defy physics.

What makes the appearance and emphasis of the lasso in this poster intriguing are that maybe these abilities of the lasso seen in the trailer are new to Diana, like the armor, and that she learns how to use them over the course of the movie or has since learned them after Trevor's death. It makes sense since Wonder Woman will no longer be using her sword or shield in Wonder Woman 1984, so giving her lasso more of a buff makes sense.

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