Wonder Woman 3: Gal Gadot Promises Improved Role for Lynda Carter

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Wonder Woman 3 Lynda Carter

The latest DC Comics film to drop was James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. While its financial success may be in question thanks to its dual release in theaters and on HBO Max, what isn't in doubt is how much critics and fans alike loved the director's new spin on the infamous team of villains.

Since then, it's been a little slow on the DC front. In fact, there are no more DC projects until 2022, with Robert Pattinson's The Batman set for March 4, 2022. The rest of next year is stacked as well, with Black AdamThe Flash, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom all set to entertain fans worldwide.

However, there is a superhero that general audiences haven't heard about for a while: Wonder Woman. Her last film debuted on HBO Max at the end of last year, and since then, word has been mostly silent about what's in store next for Gal Gadot's Amazonian.

The recent DC FanDome event changed that by giving fans not only proper confirmation that a threequel is in development but also that Lynda Carter was set to return after her mysterious post-credits sequence in Wonder Woman 1984.

Now, star Gal Gadot has teased the former Princess Diana's return and how excited she is to have her be a part of it all.

Wonder Woman Reunion for Gal Gadot & Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman

Talking with The Hollywood Reporter while promoting her new film Red NoticeWonder Woman star Gal Gadot shared how excited she is to have Lynda Carter back for Wonder Woman 3.

According to the actor, "Lynda mentored [her] from the first moment that [she] got cast as Wonder Woman." Gadot also teased that Carter's role in Wonder Woman 3 is "even better" than in Wonder Woman 1984: 

“First of all, Lynda has mentored me from the very first moment that I got cast as Wonder Woman. She was always there, talking to me, giving me tips and everything. She’s a true champion of what Patty and I have been doing, and it was so great that we managed to find the right opportunity to bring her to the last movie and now to the third one... It’s even better this time. I love her very much. I love her dearly.”

Lynda Carter is Back Alongside Wonder Woman

Carter was last seen playing the legendary Asteria, also known as the fiercest Amazonian warrior ever known. She's also the same character who first wore the golden suit of armor that Diana sported in the climax of Wonder Woman 1984.

The bigger question is what place in the story she will have. With her legacy and the importance of her current character, one would have to assume she'll play a more significant part in the proceedings. The most likely outcome? She'll be needed to help Diana defeat whoever ends up being a new threat.

One logical option for that position would be Circe, one of Wonder Woman's biggest villains who hasn't seen the big screen yet. She is a centuries-old enchantress with immense, mystical powers; she's also both immortal and undying. She certainly sounds like a big enough threat for Asteria to help out with.

Fans will have to wait a while before they know what may be happening with Wonder Woman 3, seeing as the film doesn't even have an estimated release timeframe. Until then, at least everyone will have The Batman to dive into here in just a few months.

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