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Gal Gadot, Lynda Carter & More Celebrate DC’s Wonder Woman Day

Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins, Lynda Carter
By Richard Nebens

In this day and age, nearly every single day of the year is a celebration for any number of specific people, items, or even the most popular superheroes of all time. Recent times have seen these special days come for some of the DC Universe’s biggest names, including Batman a few weeks ago and Wonder Woman today.

Wonder Woman has seen a rise in popularity more than any other time in her history thanks to the most popular live action rendition of the Amazonian princess in the DCEU. In celebration of this era’s likely most popular female superhero, some of the masterminds behind the DC Universe have taken to social media to share their own love for Diana Prince.


In celebration of Wonder Woman Day 2020, four of the most prominent names from the DC Universe have taken to Twitter to post their own celebratory pictures and messages.

The first message comes from the actress behind the DCEU’s Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, whose post can be seen here:

The next post comes from Patty Jenkins, who has directed both DCEU Wonder Woman movies thus far and is set to make the third as well:

The next post is from noted DC Comics writer Jim Lee, who reiterates just how much the world needs a hero like Wonder Woman in times like these:

The original actress behind Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, also shared her own tweet celebrating this special day, along with a link to story detailing her special relationship with the DC heroine:

Lastly, the official Wonder Woman Twitter page shared a post including a tease for one of the newest upcoming comics featuring Diana Prince:


Originally created in 1941, Wonder Woman has turned into one of the premiere heroes not only in the DC Universe, but across the entire realm of superheroes from every major company. She has fought in nearly every major battle ever imagined, based off pure imagination and real life recreations, and Gal Gadot’s portrayal of her over the last four years has put her at the very forefront of mainstream superhero media.

The Amazonian warrior will continue her impressive legacy over the next few years, including in the imminent release of Wonder Woman 1984, which is still planning on releasing for Christmas 2020. Gadot is also rumored to play some sort of role in 2022’s The Flash as the DCEU takes the concept of the multiverse and dives in head first.

Patty Jenkins is also serving as the director of Wonder Woman 1984, and she will complete her trilogy with the untitled Wonder Woman 3. There are no definitive plans for her to continue on with the franchise after the trilogy is complete.