Gal Gadot Reveals How Old Her DC Character Is In Wonder Woman 1984

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984 has arrived on HBO Max in all its glory, expanding Diana Prince's story greatly in the DC Extended Universe's first true sequel. Even though it didn't come with the traditional big screen release, the movie is still making headlines worldwide as one of the most prominent blockbusters to release in 2020.

In recent days, the promotional tour for Wonder Woman 1984 has picked up steam through various media outlets, mostly featuring director Patty Jenkins and starring actress Gal Gadot. The two haven't revealed much spoiler-y information about their team-up film yet as most of the world find the time to see it, but they have been diligently teasing small pieces of information to enrich the story.

Gal Gadot continues this trend with a new fact about Diana Prince, specifically how long she has inhabited the Earth.


During the Wonder Woman 1984 watch party, Twitter user Julie Cisneros asked starring actress Gal Gadot if Diana Prince actually ages:

Gadot responded by revealing that Diana Prince is "about 3000 years old" through the course of Wonder Woman 1984:



Although Gal Gadot would appear to be the definitive source behind information regarding the DCEU's Wonder Woman, her age in the franchise has been hotly debated since she first appeared in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice nearly five years ago.

During the promotional tour for her first DCEU movie, Gadot said she believed Wonder Woman to be close to 5,000 years old, although Patty Jenkins brought that number down to anywhere from 800 to 1000 years old during the press rounds for Wonder Woman in 2017. Jenkins details that since Diana is close to 800 years old in her first solo movie, she would be about 900 by the time she teams up with Batman and Superman to take down Doomsday.

With so many varied numbers regarding her age through her time in the DCEU, it will be interesting to see if the character receives an official age listing by DC themselves. No matter what the final answer is, Wonder Woman will continue to serve as the heart and soul of the on-screen Justice League as its oldest member.

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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