Wonder Woman 1984 Director Teases Two More Stories For Gal Gadot's DC Hero

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Wonder Woman

The DC Extended Universe is set to make its return to the spotlight with Wonder Woman 1984 releasing on HBO Max and in select theaters, coming as only the second direct sequel in the franchise to date. Among two of Wonder Woman's appearances in DCEU team-up movies, director Patty Jenkins and starring actress Gal Gadot joined forces to turn 2017's Wonder Woman into a critical and financial success, which almost immediately earned the Gafot film a sequel.

Only a select group worldwide knows what Wonder Woman 1984 will bring to the DCEU, although that will soon change when debuts for Christmas after over a year's worth of delays. Amongst news concerning this release, the status of a potential third film in this franchise and a spin-off hang in the balance when accounting for the status of today's movie industry and Patty Jenkins' relationship with Warner Bros..

Although Wonder Woman's story in the DCEU likely won't end soon, Jenkins' most recent quotes put her future with the franchise further into doubt.


In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wonder Woman 1984 Patty Jenkins expanded on the mystery of what comes next for Gal Gadot's Amazonian princess after her solo sequel. She reveals that she has "two more stories" that complete the saga, but she is not sure if she will direct them herself:

The story continues after this in movies that I may or may not direct, but I have two more stories that become the completion of this story and it’s all about women stepping in as women, in the most loving kind pure and natural way. And making a difference in the world without having to change who they are to do it.


It's most likely that Patty Jenkins is referring to the still-developing Wonder Woman 3 and the Amazon-focused spinoff series that would be “part of the in-world story of Wonder Woman."

Jenkins has spent the last four years investing time and energy into giving Diana Prince a fulfilling live-action outing with WW84 in addition to her script for the third film. Jenkins and Gal Gadot have developed a great rapport that goes beyond the confines of the Wonder Woman franchise, and both of them only want to continue the series if they can do justice to Diana's on-screen legacy.

Jenkins' future in the DCEU is uncertain at the moment due to the issue of theaters still being closed worldwide, and there still seems to be some work needed to mend her relationship with Warner Bros. The passion for continuing Wonder Woman's story is evidently there, but she has been publicly hesitant in recent weeks to commit to any projects past Wonder Woman 1984.

Jenkins will also be taking her directorial talents to Lucasfilm to helm Rogue Squadron in the Star Wars saga, which means she will experience the Disney side of movies while she contemplates her future with Warner Bros.

For now, Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984 will release in select regions of the world on HBO Max on Christmas Day 2020.

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