Wonder Woman 1984 Director Confirms Her Son's Cameo With Gal Gadot's Family

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Wonder Woman Christmas

Warning - This article contains minor spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 released to the world in its mostly streaming debut for Christmas 2020, and the DC fandom has taken the time to analyze everything in the 149-minute runtime for Easter Eggs and teases . The DCEU sequel follows Diana Prince 66 years after her solo origin movie from 2017, pitting the heroine squarely in the 1980s with an insane new story with powerful adversaries to take down.

In the first few days of the film’s release, secrets from the film’s story and production are revealing themselves through stories from the cast and crew who brought Wonder Woman 1984 to life. Many of these untold secrets were uncovered in the recent HBO Max watch party for the movie , which featured commentary by starring actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins.

These “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” moments were littered in the movie from beginning to end, including one connecting right back to both leading women in the last scene of Wonder Woman 1984 .


In a new release on Twitter, Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins revealed that the final scene of the movie featured cameos by her own son and Gal Gadot’s two daughters and husband. The four were part of the crowd at the Christmas celebration, and Jenkins also revealed that her husband makes an appearance in a different scene.

Jenkins’ full tweet can be seen below:

Jenkins' son can be seen playing in ths snow:

Wonder Woman 1984 Patty Jenkins son cameo
Wonder Woman 1984

Gadot's daughter and husband can be seen shortly after on a carousel:

Gal Gadot husband Wonder Woman 1984 Cameo
Wonder Woman 1984

These cameos were first teased by journalist Kevin McCarthy in an interview from nearly two weeks ago:


Being the director of a major Hollywood production certainly has its perks.

In this case, Jenkins took advantage of her situation by giving her family a few seconds to shine in one of the biggest movies to release this year. Jenkins’ close relationship with Gal Gadot is put on full display as well by featuring all of their children together , and it will certainly be a memory that both families will cherish for a lifetime.

Especially through the difficult times the world is living through today, family is something that will always hold prominent importance in life. These scenes were filmed long before the pandemic changed the movie industry and lives all over the world, which makes them even more special now.

These cameos won’t be the last revealed for Jenkins’ newest DCEU release, but they will certainly be heart warmers for viewers worldwide.

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