Wonder Woman 1984 Gets Same CinemaScore As Justice League

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Now that Wonder Woman 1984 is available for the world to see and enjoy, the viewing audience is rapidly sharing their thoughts on the next DC Extended Universe feature. Social media posts from the DCEU fandom have flooded the internet since the movie began its streaming run, and, at this point, nearly all major film critics have had an opportunity to watch the film and share their critiques of Patty Jenkins Gal Gadot's latest tag-team effort.

The reaction to this movie thus far has been widely varied, so much so that Rotten Tomatoes changed WW84's official consensus after it debuted to the public, a rare occurrence for bid-budget flicks. Kicking off its run as one of the highest rated DCEU movies to date before its release, its scores have dipped among audiences and critics alike. Despite this, many are still finding the movie to be an enjoyable experience.

Wonder Woman 1984's latest general rating has just arrived, although it leaves viewers unsure of the results compared to other DCEU entries.


CinemaScore officially gave Wonder Woman 1984 a B+ rating upon its streaming debut on HBO Max. In comparison, this is the same rating the website gave to Justice League in 2017.

The ratings for every film released in the DCEU thus far list as follows:

Man of Steel: A-

Batman V Superman: B

Suicide Squad: B+

Wonder Woman: A

Justice League: B+

Aquaman: A-

Shazam!: A

Birds of Prey: B+

CinemaScore describes its scoring as a "direct balloting approach" that involves polling moviegoers immediately after watching a film. These audience members share their personal opinion of the movie, grading it A to F, before CinemaScore averages the grades into that film's overall "CinemaScore."


While a B+ rating seems fairly appropriate for Wonder Woman 1984 considering the mostly-positive reviews it's receiving so far, it's a bit shocking that it's the same grading that 2017's Justice League received; Wonder Woman 1984 will end up with a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer around 65%, yet Justice League sits at a 40% on the site. 

Gal Gadot's sequel clearly had issues settling in on a release date, and Warner Bros. even showed some doubt toward the story while director Patty Jenkins was making the movie, but it's nothing compared to the reported mess that Justice League was.

Justice League is a combination of vastly different directing efforts from Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon, which left a sour taste in the mouths of not only the movie's viewers, but its crew as well. The stories revealing everything that went wrong on the movie's set are no secret, and hype is already building to see how the movie should have turned out when the movie's Snyder Cut releases in March.

Wonder Woman 1984 may not have lived up to the standards that the original movie set, but there's no shame in falling short of one of the most well-received comic book movies of the current decade. How its rating turned out to be identical to the one for Justice League is a mystery, although the quality of both will continue to be discussed in the months to come.

Wonder Woman 1984 is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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