Wonder Woman 1984 Loses Certified Fresh Status on Rotten Tomatoes

By Richard Nebens Updated:
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Wonder Woman 1984 is officially available to stream on HBO Max and watch in select theaters around the world, which means critics and fans alike are taking in every second and sharing their thoughts online. When the embargo was first lifted earlier in December for critical reviews, the response to the DCEU's ninth full-length film was overwhelmingly positive , and it appeared that the Wonder Woman franchise had produced another wonderful effort.

In a story set squarely in the middle of the 1980s, Gal Gadot's Diana Prince is faced with a brand-new set of challenges that come nearly seventy years after her first DCEU movie from the World War I era. That film earned the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes of any DCEU outing to date with 93% approval rating and was boosted by an 84% audience meter score.

While Wonder Woman 1984 seemed to be on a similar path to its predecessor, its critic rating has taken an unexpected turn ...


After initially earning a +90% score with early critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes , Wonder Woman 1984 is currently sitting at a 69% on its Tomatometer. Due to dropping below the 70% mark, the film has lost its "Certified Fresh" status on the website.


While this doesn't signal immediate gloom and doom for Patty Jenkins' long-awaited sequel, the drop in reception isn't a great sign for how the film will ultimately perform in theaters and on HBO Max. Fans and critics' reactions to the film have been widely varied, albeit in less than 24 hours after its U.S. debut, with more reviews than expected claiming it doesn't live up to the standard set by its predecessor in 2017.

Some reviews praised the movie for a stronger third act than its predecessor, just what Patty Jenkins intended. However, many of the same critics claim the sequel doesn't develop its characters or pace its story as well as Wonder Woman did. Gal Gadot's sequel still brings plenty of firepower even with its reported faults, and the still-Fresh Rotten Tomatoes score signals the movie being a moderate success as more reviews continue to come in.

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently available to stream on HBO Max.

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