Gal Gadot Speaks Out on Questionable Experience With Justice League Director Joss Whedon

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Joss Whedon, Wonder Woman

As promotion kicks up for the coming release of Zack Snyder’s Director’s Cut of Justice League, reports are still detailing the disturbing events of what happened on the set of the original movie once Joss Whedon took over directorial duties. Ray Fisher’s bombshell from this summer has sent shock waves through the entire Warner Bros. company, and he has garnered plenty of support from his cast mates through the saga.

As different talent involved with Justice League continue to share their thoughts on what really happened on set, the "Fisher vs. Warner Bros." story keeps on garnering publicity. One of Justice League's most prominent stars has just spoken about her own experience with Whedon and how it compares to that of the Cyborg star.


In a recent interview with the Los Angeles TImes, Wonder Woman 1984 star Gal Gadot shared her personal experience with Joss Whedon on the set of 2017's Justice League while also acknowledging everything that happened with her co-star, Ray Fisher. While on the promotional tour for Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot gave this quote end results of her situation after Whedon took over directorial duties from Zack Snyder, although she didn't elaborate further:

"I’m happy for Ray to go out and speak his truth. I wasn’t there with the guys when they shot with Joss Whedon — I had my own experience with [him], which wasn’t the best one, but I took care of it there and when it happened. I took it to the higher-ups and they took care of it. But I’m happy for Ray to go up and say his truth."

These quotes come after confirmation from Variety that Gadot was interviewed by Warner Media as a part of the investigation into Joss Whedon's reported abuse on the set of Justice League.


From what Gal Gadot says here, it seems like she had her own personal issues apart from what Fisher went through, even though she indicates that her own situation has been resolved since the movie's shoot finished over four years ago. Joss Whedon's reputation has taken a huge hit since this story hit the news streams in early July.

Ray Fisher has gained support from high profile stars in the DCEU like Jason Momoa and Kiersey Clemons even before Gadot's most recent quote, although none of the others have gone into any details on what specifically happened during principal photography. There may not be a resolve to this saga anytime soon, but the fact that the story has still been so prominent nearly six months later shows how much it continues to affect everybody directly involved.

Even with the investigation into Whedon's abuse on the Justice League set now complete, the experience on the set of this movie will live on in infamy for the foreseeable future.  In addition to the Snyder Cut of Justice League, Gal Gadot is about to return to the spotlight in Wonder Woman 1984, which will release on Christmas Day.

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