Justice League's Ray Fisher Slams WB Execs Following The Batman's Release

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Ray Fisher, The Batman

Although Warner Bros. has a bright future with the DC Extended Universe, most recently including The Batman, the studio still has plenty of negative press from the long-standing Ray Fisher situation to deal with. The actor behind Cyborg has feverishly gone after Warner Bros and its executives since mid-2020 over the handling of abuse accusations against Justice League director Joss Whedon.

While Fisher isn't set to return as Cyborg for the foreseeable future, many of Warner Bros.' major events and posts have pushed him to comment on the company's practices.

When The Flash got a new logo, Fisher responded to the news by calling out President of DC Films Walter Hamada, searching for an apology for the abuse seen on the set of Justice League. He also referenced Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame in another shot at Whedon in January 2021 after the former Marvel director commented on interactions with both Fisher and Gal Gadot. 

Recently, Hamada and Warner Bros. chairman Tobey Emmerich made news in a more positive light, as reports praised their efforts on The Batman in conjunction with WarnerMedia 's merger with Discovery. Following that report, Fisher made it clear that his feelings about the company have not changed in the slightest.

Ray Fisher Calls Out Warner Bros Higher Ups

Ray Fisher Cyborg

Following the theatrical release for The Batman, Deadline praised Warner Bros. Chairman Toby Emmerich and President of DC Films Walter Hamada for their work.

Justice League star Ray Fisher responded to this article on Twitter by calling both executives out over their protection of director Joss Whedon. He also called pieces like this one "laughable" for shedding a positive light on Emmerich and Hamada amid the WarnerMedia-Discovery merger that puts both of their positions in question:

"Toby Emmerich and Walter Hamada must really be scared of this Discovery merger.

These public credit grabs and puff pieces about why they shouldn’t be fired are laughable.

If Toby wants to talk about directors, he should talk about his hiring and protecting of Joss Whedon.


Fisher Relentless in Pursuit of Justice with WB

For the better part of two years, Ray Fisher has been in the public eye thanks to his ongoing battle with Warner Bros. and the company's executives.

On one side of this story, The Batman is obviously making headlines for its overwhelming success in terms of box office return and critical praise. Even so, it comes under the leadership of Hamada and Emmerich, with whom Ray Fisher still has plenty of issues after the experience on he had on Justice League.

In terms of this Tweet specifically, his feelings on The Batman itself are irrelevant, as he directs his anger and frustration once again toward the studio who made The Batman. It's abundantly clear that Fisher has no intention of giving up this battle against the execs who wronged him, always ready with a message to send them over social media.

Considering how little progress has been made in the Fisher vs. Warner Bros. battle, this is likely far from the last time Fisher will make his voice heard on the matter. Whether he sees a resolution to his issues with Warner Bros. is another story entirely.

The Batman is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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