Justice League Star Ray Fisher Uses Avengers: Endgame Joke to Call Out Joss Whedon

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Joss Whedon was tasked to take over Justice League in 2017 when director Zack Snyder was forced to step away from the project. The final result was incoherent, and the fan response was strongly negative. As time passed, actors began reporting behind-the-scenes controversy that came during the film's production, most notably concerning Ray Fisher and Gal Gadot, the actors behind Cyborg and Wonder Woman

Gadot claimed that Whedon was abusive towards her verbally, going so far as to threaten her career, make comments on the topic of death, and even force her to deliver lines she did not feel comfortable saying.

Of all the actors that have spoken out against Whedon, Fisher has been the most vocal, also revealing that Whedon was abusive on-set. The Cyborg actor stood up for other actors of color, claiming that Whedon cut specific scenes and even said that "blatantly racist conversations" took place between Warner Bros. executives.

Whedon recently addressed the comments in an interview, claiming that Gadot didn't understand him and that a majority of Fisher's scenes were cut due to bad acting. He even went so far as to say that Cyborg was "the worst" character in the film.

Following Whedon's recent comments, Fisher took to Twitter to respond.

Ray Fisher Responds to Joss Whedon Comments

Joss Whedon, Ray Fisher

Following the recent comments that Joss Whedon made about Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher accusing him of on-set abuse, Fisher took to Twitter to briefly address the matter.

The Cyborg actor said that it "looks like Joss Whedon got to direct an endgame after all." Whedon directed The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron in the MCU, and was set to direct the final two Avengers films in the MCU before being replaced by Joe and Anthony Russo.

The actor then took the high ground, stating that instead of "address(ing) all of the lies," today he will be "celebrating the legacy" of Martin Luther King Jr. The third Monday of every year is a national holiday in the United States to pay homage to King Jr. and his fight for civil rights:

"Rather than address all of the lies and buffoonery today - I will be celebrating the legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tomorrow the work continues."

Fisher then used the hashtag #MLKDay, and signed off with his signature "A>E," which stands for "accountability is greater than entertainment."

Standing Up for What is Right

First off, there have been too many witnesses and too many accounts speaking out against Joss Whedon's actions on-set of Justice League for them all to be a lie. Ray Fisher and Gal Gadot have been backed up by other actors that they worked with on the film, as well as by Zack Snyder himself.

Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in the DCEU, also revealed that he had negative experiences with the movie and even said that it made him want to hang up the cape and cowl for good. He admitted that there were "some really s---ty things" that happened during filming which pushed him over the edge to stop playing the character.

All in all, despite what happened on-set, the production of Justice League was a bad experience for everyone involved. Thankfully, the actors were brought back for Zack Snyder's Justice League, where they got to see the true vision for the film make it to the final cut.

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