Justice League: Ray Fisher Claims Joss Whedon's HBO Show Departure Due To Warner Media Investigation

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Joss Whedon, Ray Fisher's Cyborg.

Justice League actor Ray Fisher first spoke out against director Joss Whedon in July, claiming that Whedon created an "abusive and toxic" work environment for cast and crew during Justice League's reshoots. Since then, Fisher has remained passionate about vocalizing the injustices he experienced on the set of Justice Leaguecalling out other DC executives like former DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns, as well as providing specific details about the discrimination and racism that was at the heart of his statements against Whedon.

Other Justice League actors like Jason Momoa and Kiersey Clemons have spoken out in support of Fisher's claims, and Warner Media officially launched an investigation into the allegations raised against Whedon on set of Justice League. While Fisher still faced some conflicts with the studio during the investigation, according to the actor, Warner Media's investigation is finally seeing some concrete consequences.


After the news broke that Joss Whedon was "exiting" his HBO series The Nevers, actor Ray Fisher claimed that this news was a direct outcome from Warner's Justice League investigation. Fisher shared:

I have no intention of allowing Joss Whedon to use the old Hollywood tactic of “exiting”, “stepping down”, or “walking away” to cover for his terrible behavior. WarnerMedia’s JL investigation has been in full swing for over 3 weeks now. This is undoubtedly a result of it.



Fisher has been fighting for justice in this situation for months now, and if the actor's claims are true, it looks as if Warner Bros. is finally taking action against Joss Whedon. Even though both Whedon and HBO released statements about the mutual and amicable nature of the director's departure, Fisher refuted that rhetoric by calling it a "tactic" intended to protect Whedon's reputation.

HBO falls under the same Warner Media umbrella as DC, so it is reasonable to believe that the effects of Warner's Justice League investigation could have affected Whedon's involvement in The Nevers series, regardless of whether his departure was at the request of the studio or the director himself.

Only time will tell if Warner Bros. or Joss Whedon will acknowledge Fisher's statements about this particular project and its relation to the investigation, but in the eyes of Ray Fisher and many of his supporters, this is at least another step in the right direction.

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