Justice League's Ray Fisher Calls Out 'Desperate' Statement From Warner Bros.

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The tumultuous production history of 2017's Justice League will go down as a memorable affair in Hollywood. From the grassroots campaign of the Snyder Cut to the rumored mishandling led by Joss Whedon during reshoots, there has been no shortage of controversies that have surrounded the film.

Back in July, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher made a shocking statement, accusing Whedon of toxic behavior on the set of Justice League . This was followed by a series of remarks detailing the mishandling by the director during production. Not only that, Fisher also made several statements about former DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns, claiming that the executive made a "thinly veiled threat" to the actor's career.

Yesterday, Warner Bros. released an official statement refuting most of the actor's claims about the ordeal. And now, Fisher once again shared his side of the story to clear things up.


In a series of tweets, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher didn't mince words when it came to giving his side after the official statement Warner Bros. released yesterday. Fisher expressed his disappointment by pointing out that Warner Bros. made a "desperate and scattershot attempt" to discredit him while also showing proof that he met with the investigator via a Zoom call that was made on August 26th:

Fisher also mentioned his previous statement about "vetting the investigator to ensure a fair and protected process" for all the witnesses. To cap it all off, the DCEU actor assured everyone that he is "ready to meet the challenge:"


It seems that the back and forth between Ray Fisher and Warner Bros. is far from over. From the get-go, Fisher has been adamant about seeking justice about the mishandling of Whedon during the Justice League reshoots, and it's clear that the actor will not stop in doing so.

Throughout the barrage of statements made by the DCEU actor, Warner Bros. has been mum about the allegations, but they did launch an investigation to sort everything out. However, the silence was shattered after the studio's detailed statement yesterday. Still, Fisher fired back in his own way, presenting his own evidence to disprove the studio's claims. If anything, these latest tweets from Fisher just further solidify that he will not be fazed by the recent statement from the studio.

Based on the email that Fisher sent to his team and SAG-AFTRA (United States' largest labor union), it shows that Fisher wasn't informed that there is another witness during the meeting, adding more intrigue to the debacle. It seems that the actor wasn't made aware of the circumstance, forcing Fisher to mention that he will be needing a representative as well to serve as security for himself.

This particular instance essentially rebuts the claim of Warner Bros. that Fisher declined to speak with the investigator since it was made clear that the actor wants to discuss the issue albeit on a different time. Fisher's latest piece of evidence also shows that he was vocal about the issue with the investigator, with him even attaching a video from his live session from Instagram.

All in all, the plot thickens, and there's a chance that Warner Bros. will provide another statement to address Fisher's claim. Thankfully, the investigation is currently ongoing, and there is no doubt that an in-depth look at both sides need to happen for this to be resolved in the soonest time possible.

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