Justice League: Ray Fisher Says DC President Tried Throwing Joss Whedon Under the Bus In Controversy

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Ray Fisher as Cyborg

What first began with Ray Fisher taking back "every bit" of his statement during San Diego Comic-Con 2017 praising Joss Whedon has now expanded into a full on investigation into the toxic work environment during the reshoots for Justice League . Most shocking was Ray Fisher's claims against Geoff Johns and his behavior towards himself and his agent.

For the past several months, controversies for DC have been piling up , with Ezra Miller assaulting a fan , Amber Heard's own history of abuse , and now accusations of a toxic and hostile work environment during the Justice League reshoots. But, despite Ray Fisher still being under an NDA and unable to share many details, it hasn't stopped him from speaking out - this time about the DC Films president himself.


Continuing to speak out about the alleged "toxic and abusive work environment created during Justice League reshoots," Fisher talked about the DC Films president himself . Fishers spoke about a phone call he had with current DC Films president, Walter Hamada, and how he attempted to lessen the blame on Geoff Johns.

It is unknown whether or not this phone call happened before or after Warner Media launched its third-party investigation into the production of Justice League , but it doesn't paint a flattering picture for the studio or president. In his tweet, Ray Fisher says that Walter Hamada attempted to redirect blame from Geoff Johns onto Joss Whedon and Jon Berg as a means of placating Fisher in "hopes [he] would relent on Geoff Johns."


The details of what Geoff Johns has allegedly done is still unknown to the public. All anyone knows is that, at least accordingly to Fisher, Geoff Johns belittled the actor and his agent for concerns they had wanted to bring up with higher ups. Additionally, Johns had also made "a thinly veiled threat" to Ray Fisher's career.

For all anyone knows, it could range from Johns having simply been disrespectful towards Fisher or some serious malpractice and toxic behavior could have taken place during the reshoots for Justice League . The latter could certainly be the case, considering, if what Fisher says is true, Hamada attempted to "throw Joss Whedon and Jon Berg under the bus" in an attempt to protect Geoff Johns.

This also seems consistent with how Warner Bros. has attempted to deal with their other controversies - by not dealing with them or simply brushing them under the rug, like Hamada allegedly attempted to do with Fisher's accusation towards Geoff Johns. Hopefully, this third-party investigation into the production of Justice League will give fans answers and closure for Ray Fisher.

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