Warner Media Launches Investigation of Justice League Cast & Crew Abuse Allegations

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Last month, Justice League star Ray Fisher alleged that Joss Whedon and other executives created an abusive and unprofessional work environment on the set of Justice League . Whilst the Cyborg actor has not been able to go into detail about what transpired on set, he has not backed down from his position.

Joss Whedon, who came in to direct reshoots for Justice League , has remained silent since the initial allegations came out from Fisher. Whedon was not the only individual to receive remarks from Fisher, with Geoff Johns allegedly using his position of power to throw his weight around during a meeting with Fisher. An issue of credit was also brought up by the actor, as his on-set barber was not given fair credit for the work that he did during the production of Justice League .

Ray Fisher is also notably absent from the massive guest list set to appear at DC FanDome, with many attributing this to the ongoing controversy.

Now, Fisher has provided an update on the situation, saying that an investigation is now underway...


Ray Fisher has given an update on the situation regarding the abusive and toxic work environment that was endured on the set of Justice League .

Fisher states that Warner Media is now starting an independent third-party investigation into the environment of the Justice League reshoots and the higher-ups involved including Geoff Johns, Joss Whedon and Jon Berg:

After 5 weeks of interviews with various cast/crew, @WarnerMedia has officially launched an independent third-party investigation to get to the heart of the toxic and abusive work environment created during Justice League reshoots. This is a MASSIVE step forward!

I believe this investigation will show that Geoff Johns, Joss Whedon, Jon Berg (and others) grossly abused their power during the uncertainty of AT&T’s merger with Time Warner. Thank you @WarnerMedia and @ATT for making strides to ensure a safer workplace for all!


After a few months of outcry, it now seems that DC, Warner Media and AT&T are finally willing to get to the heart of the issue regarding Ray Fisher's allegations. With a third-party investigation being started, a fair assessment can be made about the situation.

Fisher has made several serious allegations against various personnel at DC & Warner Media and has referenced numerous events related to the abuse that occurred on set. This means that this investigation will likely be an ongoing one that could take some time before a judgement is settled on. Whether Fisher will continue to provide updates as the investigation unfolds remains to be seen.

Hopefully this investigation will ensure that justice is rightfully served and that a fair outcome comes out of it as a result.

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