Why Joss Whedon's Justice League Failed With Audiences, According To One Wonder Woman 1984 Star

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Wonder Woman 1984 premiered to some record-breaking numbers when it was released not only in theaters, but on the Warner Bros. streaming service HBO Max as well. According to Warner Media, almost half of all HBO Max subscribers saw the film on the day of its release, along with millions of wholesale subscribers” who have access to the platform through cable.

After these numbers led Warner Bros. to confirm Wonder Woman 3 is in the works, the focus has started shifting back to DC's next HBO Max project, the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. The four hour-long set of episodes is set to premiere in March 2021, and now a Wonder Woman 1984 actress who had a role in 2017's Justice League is sharing her experiences with the DC team-up film.


In an interview with The Hollywood ReporterWonder Woman 1984 star Connie Nielsen, who played Queen Hippolyta in the film, spoke about her involvement in both Zack Snyder's and Joss Whedon's Justice League.

Nielsen was asked whether she had to perform any addition dialogue recording for the HBO Max cut of Justice League due to the reshoots that Snyder recently conducted. The actress cites "all of our stuff" that was initially filmed but didn't make the final cut as one of the reasons why the movie was "less cohesive as a viewing experience" for fans:

“No, I think we did all of our stuff. What was really sad was how much stuff we filmed that wasn’t in the film. And I think that’s part of what made Justice League (2017) less cohesive as a viewing experience. The intent was not the same during the editing as it was during shooting.”

She also spoke about the re-shoots that Joss Whedon filmed for the 2017 theatrical version of the movie, saying:

 I didn’t do any of those either. I don’t think that other director was that interested in the Amazons. I would have to assume that.


Connie Nielsen's candid words about why she feels 2017's Justice League failed to resonate with most audiences reflect the same sentiments of many people involved with the film, and the fans who watched it as well.

It appears that Nielsen is excited for Snyder's full version of the film, since it will be able to showcase how the Amazons were originally intended to be seen.

It's also interesting to hear that Joss Whedon did not bring Nielsen back for any Themyscira re-shoots, with the actress going so far as to say that Whedon did not seem to care about the Amazons. At least Nielsen and the Amazon warriors were able to have a proper role in Wonder Woman 1984, and hopefully Zack Snyder can bring the same glory back to Themyscira when his director's cut premieres next year.

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