Wonder Woman 1984 Director Teases Kristen Wiig's Future DC Appearances

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Cheetah, Kristen Wiig's Barba Minerva

Warning — This article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984

At this point, it is apparent that Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins has an affinity for Cheetah, as she had originally intended on introducing her in Wonder Woman. When Barbara Minerva was due to make her live-action debut in Wonder Woman 1984, played by Kristen Wiig, Jenkins was overjoyed having her interact with Diana Prince.

While Barbara Minerva's role in Wonder Woman 1984 was fairly limited, with only her appearing in her more iconic animalistic form in the climactic fight with Wonder Woman, some fans were disappointed that by the end of the movie, she had seemingly renounced her wish and lost all her powers and abilities. Many fans were curious if Kristen Wiig would somehow return as Cheetah in a future installment, being Diana's most famous arch-enemy in the comics.

So, some fans decided to ask Jenkins directly.


Answering questions from fans on Twitter, Patty Jenkins responded to one fan asking, “Is the Barbara story done or we will see her again in the future?” with Jenkins saying that “We'll just have to see...” followed by three wink emotes.



Patty Jenkins is obviously hinting that she isn't quite done with Kristen Wiig's Barbara Ann Minerva.

Despite audiences seeing her return to her human form in the climax of Wonder Woman 1984, she never verbally renounces her wish, so it could be left ambiguous if there's still some of the stone's magic left inside her somehow.

It seems apparent that if there will be a third Wonder Woman movie, it will be set in the present day, which would make Minerva at least sixty-years old by that time, unless she still had some of the stone's magic flowing through her to preserve her youth like Diana.

Patty Jenkins has already said that Wonder Woman 3 won't be a high crossover film with other heroes, at least at the moment, as Jenkins is potentially rethinking the story for the threequel due to everything that has happened in the world recently. It's unknown what exactly Jenkins means like this, and fans will be waiting to find out how this affects Cheetah's DCEU storyline moving forward.

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