Wonder Woman 1984 Director Reveals Chris Pine's Hilarious Improvised Scene

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Chris Pine, Wonder Woman

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984 .

Wonder Woman 1984 had a unique movie premiere this year, releasing on HBO Max and in theaters concurrently. Despite that, Warner Bros. revealed that it still “exceeded expectations” since “nearly half” of the streaming platform's subscribers watched the sequel on Christmas Day.

On top of that, the Gal Gadot-led DCEU movie also had an estimated $16.7 million domestic opening in the United States, officially earning the title of “best weekend debut” of any film since the pandemic began. All in all, it seems that Wonder Woman 1984 is a massive win for Warner Bros., and the future is bright for the franchise.

A huge chunk of the success of Wonder Woman 1984 is the film's message of hope , as well as providing fans with a stockpile of memorable moments . And now, the director of the highly-talked-about DCEU project has revealed that one of the comedic scenes from the film was improvised by one of the main protagonists.


During the official watch party of Wonder Woman 1984 , Patty Jenkins revealed that Chris Pine improvised Steve Trevor's reaction to break dancing during one of the scenes from the DCEU film.

The hilarious moment happened when Steve thought that the aforementioned form of dancing was a threat to him and Diana while strolling around Washington, D.C.

The scene occurs about an hour into the film:

Wonder Woman 1984 1980s breakdancing
Wonder Woman 1984


Wonder Woman 1984 is full of cheesy references and funny moments, and Steve Trevor's fascination with the 80s definitely tops that list. The character's reaction to the unfamiliar setting delivered a good amount of laughs to many viewers, and the reveal that Pine improvised one of those is a fitting cherry on top.

Trevor's resurrection was one of the well-kept secrets of Wonder Woman 1984 , and the execution of how it was portrayed was unpredictable. To recap, the Dreamstone was the main reason behind the character's surprise inclusion in the sequel, and it was made possible through Diana's wish. As a result, Trevor returned by possessing the body of another man.

The nature of the return inspired discussion amongst fans, but many agreed that the character's response to just about anything in the 80s was entertaining to watch. Interestingly, this is in direct contrast to his role during 2017's Wonder Woman. In that film, Pine was actually the one who served as the tour guide of sorts for Diana in the war-torn setting of World War I.

As it is, the fact that Pine improvised one of the fan-favorite moments from the film goes to show that the actor enjoyed playing the “man out of time” this time around.

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