Wonder Woman 1984 Includes World War I Soldiers From Original Gal Gadot Film

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:
Wonder Woman 1984 logo, Gal Gadot in Golden Armor

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984

It took a while, but Wonder Woman 1984 finally arrived on HBO Max and in theaters.

The highly-talked-about DC Extended Universe sequel endured numerous delays due to the pandemic, but it seems that the wait was worth it, especially considering that that the film “broke” HBO Max's streaming records, according to Warner Media.

Much of the anticipation surrounding Wonder Woman 1984 has been thanks to the returning cast members, led by Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. The latter's return was unexpected to fans, as the character died during the climactic battle of the first installment of the franchise. 

Given that, fans were curious to find out if other protagonists from the first film would be featured in some way. It was previously revealed that Lucy Davis' Etta Candy made a brief appearance in a still photograph to establish the sequel's connection to the 2017 film. And now, it seems that another cast member made an unexpected return as well. 


In an Instagram post, Eugene Brave Rock, who portrayed Chief Napi in 2017's Wonder Woman, confirmed his return in still photographs that were displayed during some scenes of Wonder Woman 1984. The actor revealed that the photos were taken from a shoot in London. 

"Wonderful to see the crew Gal Gadot, Lucy Davis, Patty Jenkins, Ewen Bremner for shoot in London . I was happy to give amazing board that Duane Koyawena made for Gal Gadot."

The first photograph appears to be from a wedding, and it shows Chief Napi alongside other allies of Diana Prince from World War I. 

Wonder Woman 1984 Official Still
From Warner Bros. 

The second photograph highlights a mini celebration from the core protagonists of the 2017 film. This could presumably be set after the team's triumph against the combined forces of Ares and General Erich Ludendorff. 

Wonder Woman 1984 Official Still
From Warner Bros. 

Meanwhile, Lucy Davis, who played Etta Candy in the same film, shared the story of how the photos came to be. Even though it was for a brief moment, the actress admitted that it was “lovely” to get the gang back together again. 

In a separate tweetWonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins revealed that Said Taghmaoui, who played Sameer, wasn't able to join the shoot since he was “unavailable.”


As it is, the reunion of the actors in the sequel serve as a fitting ode to the massive success of 2017's Wonder Woman. Their appearances should serve as a reminder of the bond that was established between the cast of the first film, both on and off the camera. 

Given the time period that Wonder Woman 1984 is set during, it's understandable that the aforementioned characters didn't appear on-screen; it's safe to assume that either some or all of them might've passed away at that point. Still, the fact that Diana managed to preserve the photos from the past goes to show that she valued the camaraderie that was forged during the World War I era. 

Interestingly, Eugene Brave Rock's Chief Napi once became a major topic of discussion amongst fans during the release of the 2017 film due to the mysterious nature of the character. The actor even revealed in a previous tweet that his character was a “Blackfoot culture hero and Demi-god.” As expected, this led to numerous fan theories. 

Although Chief Napi wasn't featured on-screen, there's a chance that the character is still alive and Diana is well aware of his “Demi-god” status. Not much is known if Brave Rock's mysterious persona will return in the already-announced Wonder Woman 3, but it's nice to think that the Amazonian hero has a potential ally lurking in the shadows. 

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