Marvel Reveals Hilarious New Scene From Hawkeye Disney+ Show

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Before filming for the Hawkeye Disney+ series began, it finally rounded out its cast with Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop and Tony Dalton as Jack Duquesne aka Swordsman. The two were recently shown together in official new stills from the show, dressed for a formal event, seemingly as a couple.

Now, as the release of Hawkeye approaches, fans are getting more sneak peeks at the series with new interviews and clips from the upcoming show.

Two more snippets have just been released that point to Kate Bishop's mother potentially being involved in some shady business and the two Hawkeyes fighting with the Tracksuit Mafia.

Kate Bishop Investigating Her Mom?

Film.TV was given an exclusive new clip of Hawkeye, showing Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop speaking with Vera Farmiga's Eleanor Bishop and Tony Dalton's Jack Duquesne.

Kate Bishop is sitting with Barton, trying to make excuses to her mother about why they're in her New York apartment, such as poorly claiming Barton needed to use the bathroom. However, the clip revealed that neither was, in fact, in the apartment to use the bathroom but to use Eleanor Bishop's laptop, as the woman claims:

"Someone used my laptop to sign out of my work account ten minutes ago. Any thoughts, Kate?"

So, it seems like either the two Hawkeyes are investigating Kate's mother or using her credentials to investigate someone else.

It's evident in the clip that this is when Bishop has only just met her hero, Hawkeye, as the former Avenger seems to want nothing to do with her and is arguing against them being friends or even partners. Even when Kate claims to be chill, Barton retorts she's "definitely not chill."

The full clip can be seen below:

Another clip was released, showing Bishop and Barton fighting off the Tracksuit Mafia and them attacking Barton's apartment with Molotov cocktails. The scene seems to be the first time Barton has seen Kate in action with a bow and arrow, as indicated by Kate's "told ya" after shooting a bottle out of one of the thug's hands.

The full clip can be seen in the tweet below: 


Eleanor Bishop Involved In Shady Business?

In Matt Fraction's Hawkeye, the Tracksuit Mafia are the primary antagonists of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, as they're intent on gaining ownership of the apartment complex occupied by the original Hawkeye. However, it's still unknown what their motivation could possibly be in this series, but they seem to hate the two Hawkeyes just as much as they did in the comics.

As for the clip with Eleanor Bishop, it's interesting that Kate and Clint felt the need to use Eleanor's laptop to gain access to her work account for whatever reason. So either she's connected to criminal activities or associated with people shady enough that both Hawkeyes needed to use her to find something or someone.

Hawkeye Eleanor Bishop Madame Masque
Hawkeye (2016) — Issue #16

In the comics, Eleanor worked with the villain Madame Masque, who is rumored to appear in Hawkeye. However, many have speculated that instead of them being two different characters, Eleanor could be taking the role of Masque instead.

Funnily enough, in Fraction's Hawkeye, Madame Masque became an enemy of Kate Bishop after she knocked her out and impersonated her. Ever since then, Madame Masque and Kate have bitterly butted heads for years.

Hawkeye Kate Bishop Madame Masque Comic Panel
Hawkeye (2012) — Issue #5

It certainly doesn't help Eleanor that she seems to be tied to the hip of Tony Dalton's Jack Duquesne, known as the comic villain Swordsman, in this series.

Fans will have to find out the true nature of Kate's mother when they start watching Hawkeye on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.

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